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my friends!!
I'm still alive but so many things happened the last weeks, phew...

My grandmother lives in a nursing home since December because nursing her was too exhausting for my mother. Grandma is now 93 years old, sometimes she doesn't know where she is (it isn't that bad that she believes she's still at her parent's house.) but she knows us and she's very interested in watching sports. Every Friday the residents of the nursing home meet for singing and she enjoys this, too. We are visiting her every week, on Wednesday and on Friday. My mom visits her on Sunday, too.

My mother was ill the last weeks so my sister Karin and I took care of her but and had a look after Grandma during week. Now she's doing very well and this Friday we'll visit my grandma again.

Yesterday we had to put Wolfgang's father to the hospital because of a stroke so the paramedic said. In the evening we learned that it's much worse, it's a massive cerebral hemorrhage and his state is life-threatening. All we can do is sit and wait and hope for the best (whatever this will be).

Nevertheless or should I say now more than ever life shows me how precious every single moment is.
Special little moments, special little things.

The little thing I recalled yesterday was the fact that I still have functional ears to hear the sounds of the world, that I can breath for my own, that I can see.
And there are so many little things ... just to be forgotten ? No. Oh no.
Like listening to a god song.
Going to bed only to have my cats sleeping onmy stomach.
Foggy mornings and I don't have to get up.
The first cup of coffee in the morning - especially on Sunday when there is no urgency at all!
Talking to my friends just like this, right a this moment and I know my friends care.
The first daisies after winter.
Listening to the owls in the woods close by.
Fluffy clouds.
Playing hide and seek with Lena and Sven feeling bones and muscles I don't know they exist...
Talking with hubby until early in the morning (poor boy has to get up at 2.30 a.m.),
calling him at dinner break and just listening to the sound of his voice.
Sining in the shower (I really do this when I'm alone in the bathroom, without CATS!)
Making my new colleague smile.

There are so many little things I love and I like - and now I'll go back to my desk with a smile on my face and here we go... Work I'm coming, you can't escape .

I hope all of you are having a wonderful time.  Enjoy the little things, maybe you'll look back one day and realize that they were the big things ...

Love and ...

keep on smiling


P.S.: Hope to be back soon!
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