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Time flies these days and it seems I'm getting old ...

Happy belated birthday my dear friend prisca1960
Even I'm much too late I won't miss wishing you

- may all your wishes come true.

And here are my wishes for you, sweetheart!

The cake


I'm not the only one for being late ... (thanks God),
this guy was looking for the taxi driver

he had someone in his mind and asking the Zeke-man was very ... bold

But one look in big blue eyes

and he couldn't resist ...

but the little word "yes" wouldn't come across his lips ... so Casey haunted him in his dreams

but we all know Casey knew about it - he can be a little devil

so he sent him a letter  "Think about a gift for Prisca!"

Woa...  a gift... they needed a gift...

something cute

something funny

something that makes you smile

Maybe something sexy ...

something hot

or just these two ...

We all are wishing you lots of  love




may every day be a special day, a Zasey day, my dear.

Massive hugs and zillions of kisses

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