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I missed a birthday!

Happy belated birthday my dear friend Shinta!
I'm so sorry for being late but believe me I'm wishing you all the very best and much much more:

As there are:

the cake


but I'm not the only one in being late ...

He was dreaming

that he would have missed your bd, then he woke up

and it was REAL!

his companion missed it, too and he was sooo sad

so they tried to hurry

without success

they wanted a gift for you and they found a shirt ... but it was taken already

" what about this one, Jensen?"
"Shinta doesn't need  make up... SHE looks Beautiful!!!"

something cuddly?

what about a photo shooting ?

about these two?

smiles, smiles can't be bad they said

more smiles, it seems it works ...

and hugs

more hugs

and kisses

Do you like what you see?

that makes us happy, so happy he'd like to dance

some sweetness for you, darling

and huggles

We all hope you had a fantastic day, sweetheart!

Lots of love and big tight hugs,

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