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Happy belated birthday

to my dear friend aussiepeach
I hope you had a wonderful day with lots of love, joy, fun and happiness.

and of course a birthday cake

So here are my wishes for you -
very important - I want you to have time for the beautiful things of life

time to relax

time to read

good old books

sometimes company can be wonderful

time to get some rest

I wanted to get you some flowers

sorry, flowers...

and someone singing you a birthday song

I want your life be colourful

always keep your eyes open ...

that you won't miss tiny magical moments

that you'll enjoy the beauty of nature

and here come the hugs

and the nuzzles

I want you to smile, sweetheart

and here are the kisses

and more kisses

To make a long story short - I'm wishing you all the very best.
Thank you for being my friend.
Lots of love and biggest birthday hugs,

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