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It's a birthday!!!

Happy birthday my dear Gabi!
Life seems to be rough to you these days but I hope it will become easier very very soon.
Nevertheless enjoy your birthday, have fun, people you love and you like around, feel the joy, and here's something for you  ( I hope it makes you smile).

Wishing you aaaaaall the very best, sweetheart.
You're a wonderful and very special friend!

Love and big tight birthday hugs

First the  Birthday song: Happy Biiiirthday to youuuuuu....

Happy birthday dear Gaaaaaabi

Happy birthday to yoouuuuuuu!

And here are some flowers

the birthday cake

some congratulators who want you to smail daily

begging for more smiles

maybe a little laugh daily

laughing a little louder DAILY

some sweetness

something men to dream of

some hugs

some licks

some kisses

time to relax

time to read

time to write

and more dreams pls.

Have a fantastic day, sweetie!

Love and huuuuugest bd-hugs,
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