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CZ Twelve Days of Christmas

Author: Julchen11
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: R
Prompt: Love

Part 2

“Ok. Let’s go on, Casey boy!”
“So what’s next?”
“Hmmm… Another kiss perfect for us…”
“Show me… “
Zeke bent over and feathered Casey’s lips.
Something changed.
They didn’t say anything but Casey kissed him back. Soft and short.
Zeke opened his eyes…
“Zeke, my knees are weak…”
This made him smile.
“Hey, baby boy. It’s just the beginning.” But the loud BOOM was still echoing in his head.
They didn’t realize that they had entwined their fingers.
“What… how do you feel, Casey…”
“Good. I … liked it.”
“I think Zeke like it, too… Wanna try again?”
They did it again. Zeke kissed Casey, Casey kissed Zeke. After a while they smiled against each others lips.
“This feels wonderful. How’s this kiss called?”
“Maybe the –saying-good-bye-after-the-first-date-kiss…”
They looked at each other and shared the last time this kind of kiss.
“I’ll get us something to drink. Be back in a minute”
Zeke got up, vanishing to the kitchen. He had to take hold on the kitchen sink, murmuring “Breathe. Relax. Slow down. Concentrate and engage the electricity in your body. He’s your friend. Your best friend. Don’t mess this up.” But if he’d be true to himself he’d hear his heart pounding faster. Louder, too. Yes, he did like it, he even enjoyed it. Nothing less. Nothing more.
They did as friends use to do, was that so bad?
With shaking hand he poured some coke in two glasses and went back.
Casey flipped through his CD’s thankfully accepting the coke, realizing that his hands were shaking nearly as much as Zeke’s.
Then Zeke started talking again “Did you know that kissing is a complex behaviour involving a total of 34 facial muscles and 112 postural muscles. Did you know there’s an international kissing day in the UK on July 6th?”
“I’m impressed. That’s interesting. What’s that look? What are you thinking right now, Zeke?”
“It was kind of … strange but it felt good.”
“You’re not disgusted, Zeke?”
“Heaven, no. Why do you think I could be…”
“Because you’re into girls and you’re a womani…”
“Stop this, Case. I liked it. Really.”
They both felt it – trust. They could indeed talk about everything.
Like friends use to do.
“You’re alright, Casey? We could stop this at any time….”
Casey smiles at him.
“I’m ok. But are you?”
Zeke wasn’t sure… He took Casey’s hands, caressing them with his thumbs.
“Yes, I’m feeling pretty good. Ready for the next step?”
Casey nodded, squeezing Zeke’s hands.
“So let’s intensify the kiss. You’ve to part your lips slightly… Close your eyes…”
He framed Casey’s face with his hands, leant forward and either lightly touched Casey’s velvety lips. Increasing the pressure he started moving his lips slowly. Casey responded with a sigh so Zeke backed up. Casey’s eyes snapped open then he blushed.
“Oh… I’m sorry, Zeke…”
“Hey, baby-boy. Never ever apologize for something you … enjoyed.”
Casey beamed at him.
“That was… wow… just wow…”
With a smile on their lips both leant forward and kissed again. Long, soft and deep. Weaving his hair while they were kissing Zeke had to second Casey with a low “Wow…” When they pulled away he whispered “That was … amazing…”
“I felt something there… Is every kiss like this, Zeke?”
He shook his head, no. Not at all.
It was a magic moment for both of them, it was chilling, exciting and it felt soooo good.
The young man kept quiet, piercing the floor, not know what to think, to do, to feel.
“Zeke? Did I do something … wrong? “
Another time Zeke couldn’t talk, for him something had changed. Extremely.
“Zeke… Talk to me , please…”
He shook Zeke’s arm and finally Zeke seemed to wake up, focusing the young man close to him.
“Zeke. I think you’re right. We should stop now. You don’t feel comfortable, I can see it. But hey, it’s o.k. It was a nice… talk. Thanks for everything. Zeke, please … if it had been too bad for you I’m sorry, I’m really really s…”
Zeke put one finger on Casey’s lips and smiled “Could you please stop talking?”
“Shshshshs… you haven’t been bad. Not at all. And no, not every kiss feels like this.”
They sat side by side on the couch with Zeke putting his arms around Casey’s shoulder, with Casey resting his head on his chest. As they did so many times before but now this had become a different meaning.
Unintentionally he was gently stroking Casey’s hair with a hand, putting a brief kiss on his scalp. They were familiar with each other. More than once they were sitting of lying against each other, resting their heads on their shoulders, laps, chests.
As friends used to do… seriously…
Zeke usually values his personal space and usually feels discomfort, anger, anxiety when it’s encroached. On the other hand he desires physical proximity for Casey- that’s why he felt alarmed at this moment. He had to take care … to take care of himself. And he had to tell Casey about it.
“Usually it’s me taking the lead but I never kiss first, I mean I’ve been kissed, sure – and … I have to admit I enjoyed it when I kissed you the first time on the lips it felt incredible, pure adrenaline. The same thing happened when I took cocaine once.”
“You call me a … drug?”
“No. I didn’t say this. … I’m a bit … breathless… But I’m enjoying this … game…”
“You do?”
“You enjoyed it like … ice cream on a hot summer day?”
Zeke chuckled.
“What about you, baby-boy?”
Casey snuggled closer. “It was incredible, I can’t tell what this feeling is called, Zeke. But I went tingly all over. Is that … natural?”
Clearing his throat Zeke tried to find the answer “If you felt that way it’s wonderful, Case.
So could it be. Do you like kissing?”
Casey turned to Zeke focusing him, caressing his face, following his hand with his eyes being surprised how soft the skin beneath his hand felt. His hands were warm, they didn’t shake, he knew exactly that he wanted to do this now. When his hand stopped at Zeke’s lips the young man whispered “What’s happening to us, Casey?”
Casey almost pierced him with his eyes “Don’t you know it happened quite a time ago? ”
And then he kissed him with all he had, with all he was.
“Don’t you really know that…”
“With every touch the emotional bond grew stronger. With every touch I wanted you more and more. You can’t deny that you’re feeling the same way, can you?”
Zeke likes touching Casey. Touch. It’s the mother of all senses. Whenever he touches Casey, it feels so … real. Could it be the boy was right?
Zeke held his breath, snapping his eyes open.
“What are you going to say. That you love me?”
He chuckled … and it hurt Casey.
“Zeke… is it a game for you only?”
Zeke answered with a question “Are we still friends, Casey?.”
He looked at him as if he would discover him right at this moment.
“Are we?”
“No. We’re no friends anymore, Zeke… You know that. We are … more than just friends…”
“If you’d call me your brother I’d kill you.”
Zeke traced a pattern across Casey’s jawline, along his cheeks, stopping at his temples.
“You’re exceptional, Casey. Do you know that?”
“Why’s that?”
“You make me feel … crazy. Maybe I am … I was crazy before. But now…”
They sat in silence snuggled up with each other. It was as if their minds were still travelling though they had physically already arrived in each others body.
Their mouths and hands were busy, their hearts were pounding and they could literally see sparks fly. Casey felt the thick heat of Zeke’s body and the fire of his breath, he had to stop
and was sneaking his head so his eyelashes brushed across Zeke’s cheek, near his nose.
He pulled away, staring into Zeke’s eyes as he absorbed the way Zeke stared back and how they glossed over. He flashed a grin at Casey.
Zeke moved from side to side teasing his boy, opened his lips and tasted Casey’s bottom lip, licked it with his tongue. Very soft, very slow, sensual, arousing, seductive, emotional … wrapping them all into one action.
After this kiss Casey kissed Zeke’s closed lips in the middle, kissed the corner of his lips … going back to the middle. They spent a lot of time doing this… game. Game?
Whenever they stopped they couldn’t wait to feel and touch each other again. The felt more alive, more connected to each other. Soon the slow, sweet kisses developed to urgent, fiery ones.
They felt the deep emotional connection between them. It wasn’t passion only, they were friends and they’ll always stay friends.

“It will take a moment to say I love you, Casey, but it will take my whole life to show how much I love…”
And that he does.
With his hands,
with his body,
with his heart,
with his soul.

He softly gives himself away and he felt good about it.
What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little more.

They feel each other's power -
like friends, confidants,  lovers used to do.

Holding each other tight, watching the stars and the moon -
they both feel the magic of this night, 
and everything is right.

- The End -

Tags: c, c/z; ficlet; 12 days of christmas
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