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CZ Twelve Days of Christmas

Written for Aliensouldream’s C/Z Advent Calendar. My prompt was Love.

Author: Julchen11
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: R
I have to split it in 2 parts , sorry, but I couldn't find an end :-))
Thanks to aliensouldream for the beta

Part 1

It was one of these days they just wanted to spend some time together, watching DVD’s, eating pizza, drinking coke until they feel like bursting. They’d planned nothing spectacular but enjoying each other’s company.

As friends used to do.


They watched a documentary about their holiday destination some day about Scotland, taking notes about sights, about beautiful places, surely they’d try to find Loch Ness. They pestered each other with questions. They’d have much fun that’s for sure.

As friends used to do.


After  this they watched Batman the umpteen time reciting every single line, every single word with Zeke talking  Batman and Casey talking together with “The Joker”.

Zeke likes Batman because he isn’t a hero in the common sense, Batman doesn’t possess superpowers, most of the time he makes use of his intellect, detective skills, science and technology. Casey like being the bad guy, he likes the Joker’s sadistic sense of humor, being the perfect villain to Batman.

When they came to the line when The Joker says to Batman “You wanted me, here I am” they both cracked up with laughter because of the sound in  Casey’s  voice.

The Joker: A little fight in you. I like that.
Batman: Then you're going to love me.

Indeed they were laughing their asses of – as friends used to do.


They ordered pizza – the same procedure as so many evenings before – tuna for Casey, salami for Zeke, drinking gallons of coke with the same ending as every time: they made a competition who is going to burp the longest and  loudest. Typical men and– as friends used to do.


They talked about this and that, about dares and stupid games and  considered Zeke as the dare king. The emotional counterpart was Casey being a jitterbug when he was a little younger.


“The only game I was as nervous as I was curious and scared to death was ‘spin the bottle’” Zeke said, raising a laugh from Casey.

“Hey, I was 13 then…”

“But Zeke, you don’t want me to believe that you’ve ever been nervous or scared. Come one, don’t lie to me. The award of this game was – and still is – a kiss, right?”

Casey couldn’t stop teasing Zeke about this kissing thing and Zeke felt more and more uncomfortable, to tell the truth … Casey made him angry, very angry.

He wasn’t always ‘The Zeke’ he was now, he was – believe it or not – a kid. A young innocent (at least at these time definitely) sweet little child.


“So what, baby-boy! Tell me about YOUR experiences, IF there are ANY!!!”

As soon as he spat the words at Casey he regretted it. It was a slap in the face to Casey, so it looked.

Zeke wished he had kept his mouth shut, the good mood was gone with the wind.  Sure, he guessed Casey wouldn’t have much experiences in these things but making him feel sad and inadequate was the last thing he wanted.

He had to bring this in order, at once.

As friends used to do.


“Casey. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you. Forget what I said o.k? I’m sorry. If I could take back what I said I’d do it.”

Casey tried to smile but avoided looking at his friend.


“But you’re right, Zeke. I don’t have ANY experiences in … these… things…”

“Hey, you don’t have to talk about it. I’d understand. You know me, me and my f... ego… “

They sat quiet side by side for a little while until Casey exhaled noisily,  clearing his throat “But we COULD talk about these things, couldn’t we?”

“Sure. We can talk about everything…”

As friends used to do.


The situation was a little awkward with Zeke feeling angry about himself and Casey feeling insecure, not knowing what to do or … how to ask.

“Then I guess I could learn a lot from you…”

Zeke frowned.


“You could teach me…”

“I could teach you? About what? Girls?”

“Why not.”

“But girls have different point of views and I don’t know ANY about it…”

Casey giggles.

“I didn’t mean girls, Zeke…”

Zeke had indeed not clue what was Casey talking about but suddenly it “clicked”.


The sound of this little “Oh” made Casey laugh.

“What’s this ‘Oh’… “

After a while Zeke ‘oh-ed’ again. “You want me to teach you … kissing?”

“Sounds weird, doesn’t it? All the more when you are saying it… But… would you?”

Zeke pondered on it, then he smiled “We’re are friends. So why not… yes. I mean… Yes…”

Casey’s blue eyes glanced at him, with a twinkle in his eyes he said “You said we can talk about everything. So isn’t kissing a kind of … talking?”

Zeke chuckled and the good mood was back. What a sly little fox.

“You’re right, Casey. So let’s “talk” about every kind of kissing I know…”

As friends used to do?


“But as my pupil you have to repeat the ‘lesson’, agreed?”

They both started laughing, yes this would be fun – at least they were telling themselves.

They both felt good, they trusted each other.

Didn’t they talk about their dreams?

Didn’t they share some secrets?

Didn’t they go through thick and thin?

They could play this little game, couldn’t they?

Like friends used to do.


They sat now face to face but Zeke just had to get sure

“You’re absolutely sure you want me to do this, Casey?”

“Yep. You’re my best friend so what could possibly happen? It’s a game so it will be fun.”

They both giggled … not knowing about the risk?


Zeke took Casey’s hand suggesting a kiss. Then he started talking “The hand kiss is a short gesture. It was considered a respectful way for gentleman to greet a lady. The touching is symbolically, it’s kind of courtesy and politeness.”

Casey stared at him.

“What? Do I have antlers?”

“Wow. How do you know that? I don’t mean the antlers, I… did you hand kiss… did you… do you do it often?”

“Whether am I a gentleman nor do I know a lady…”



“So I was your first lady?”

The looked at each other and cracked up with laughter.

“Is was a pleasure Lady Gwendolyn” Zeke purred.

They made some jokes, teased each other – they just had fun.

As friends used to do.


Then Zeke kissed Casey on the cheeks, three times.

“Oh, I know. This is a friendship kiss.”

Zeke nodded. “Yes, it’s a common greeting between relatives and friends, occasionally it’s a romantic gesture.”

“Wouldn’t this be perfect for us saying hello and good-bye?”

“As a romantic gesture?”

“As friend, Zeke. We’re friends, remember?”

“Imagine us doing it at school or when I’m going to visit you… You call this perfect for us?”

They smiled at each other, then started laughing again, shouting simultaneously “Nooooo…”

Imagining their friend’s faces, Mr. and Mrs. C’s blacking out, mocking Del, Gabe, even Principal Drake.

“Zeke. My god, stop it. My cheeks hurt…”

They had much fun, the spirits were running high.


Tags: c/z; ficlet; 12 days of christmas

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