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Happy belated birthday to you my dear friend aprilkat
Haven't I been here yesterday and I missed your birthday!!! Shame on me.
But I won't miss wishing you all the very best, my dear. Love,  joy, moonlight, snowflakes and sunshine. Your wishes are my wishes for you.

And because I'm too late I'm sooo sorry

I'm sure there's no cake left *sighs*

I'm not the only one it seems ...

so how about flowers, though it's very cold today

and now I want you to dream every day and every night, good dreams

trees can be magic

 winter magic

children are amazing

I remember you have a soft spot for fantasy

and more of it

a magical place we all love

and now I want you to smile

more please

do I hear a little giggle

snow can be fun, right ?

I wonder if they feel comfortable ...

and now here come the hugs

and the kisses

and more kisses

I hope you to be happy, my dear.

Lots of love
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