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I missed a birthday!!!

Calendars can be of help if you look at them now and then ...
Happy belated birthday my dear baranduin
I hope you had a wonderful day with many things and lots of people you like and you love.
Wishing you all the very best.

The congratulators are as late as I am ... they are sooo sorry!


Flowers could help to make it better, pleeeease!

or some cookies - psssttt... they were sooooo good!

or something to drink

they say you like to read so I'll join you - is harry potter ok for you?

do you want to dance with me?

I'm singing just for you

and then there are huggses

and more hugs

and licks

and kisses

oh, almost forgot the cake!

a bigger one?

Thank you for being my friend, my dear.
Enjoy every single day!

Love and hugs,

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