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I missed a birthday

Happy belated birthday my dear friend verangel
I hope you had a beautiful morning, a wonderful day and a fantastic night with all the things and people you love and you like.
It makes me so glad that I met here one of the most wonderful people I know.
The next year shall be full of the love you are giving, full of starlight and moonshine, dreams, hugs and kisses.
I'm wishing you all the very best.

And here are some special "people" who wanted to gratulate, too:
But first comes the cake:

don't forget to play and just enjoy life, dear

don't forget to sing daily

be open for something new

stay curious

hold on to your dreams

don't forget to smile (I want you to smile daily)

and want you to get some kisses (or licks as cats would say)

get some rest (very very important)

go back to a wonderful place when life seems to be too hectic

and these guys won't miss wishing you all the very best as well

this one wasn't sure about his dress

and he wanted to get you some sunbeams but he'll be a little late because he's waiting ...

for the driver

who had to wait for a couple ...

You're smiling, already? No?
HE thinks this may help

or this

maybe this?

I'm thinking of you,darling!

Lots of love and huuuuuugest hugs,
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