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Happy belated birthdays

to my dear friends ladysnaps, romeny and claudia603
I hope you all had a fantastic day with lots of fun and big loads of love!
As always I'm too late but only 4 weeks then I don't have to deliver the newspapers again, YAY!
The early morning hours and late evening hours will all be mine again. I always liked this little job but my knees don't allow me to walk more than one hour  *sigh*
The best of it - I'll get more time for my friends here!!!

And now here are some photos for the birthday girls ...
I'm wishing you all the very best, ladies - I can't thank you enough for being your friend
*hugs very very tight*

So first here comes a cake

and then the love you all are giving

and more love

some special "people" are looking for the perfect story for you because my ficlets are not typed yet

some are strictly against the choice of the lady above

recipes, lets look for a special mushroom recipe

hmmm... looks good but not ... tasty

ok then... music ... every birthday girl needs a little music

"Sir... Sir! It's the wrong song..."

as I said ... be just COOL

The guy is hot, me is THIRSTY!

I think this one just had enough

Enjoy every single day dear ones ... be sure you'll get hugged DAILY

again and again and

don't forget to smile DAILY

and of course some little kisses can't be bad

and again some huggles

Have a great year ahead, darlings!

And Happy Sunday to all of you!

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