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Happy belated birthday ink_gypsy

Happy belated birthday, my dear. I hope you had a wonderful and special day, as special as you are.
Here are some well-wishers who had quite a word with me being that late...

First there's a little kiss for you

one of them wanted to read to you but it won't work properly ... it seems the book is a little bit slumberous

but then there are the party makers
the breakdancer...

the ballet dancer

the singers

one of them needed help (points to man in the background)

there's always one going too far

but thanks god there are some loving the silence stopping the rascals

all in all we hope you had a wonderful day with people you love and you like,


ice cream

and lots of Elijah-Frodo-Casey-goodness

I'm wishing you all the very best, my dear.
Love and big tight birthday hugs,

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