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Hello, hello,hello!

1 day left! Wow! I just can't believe it.
Now I'm on my way to my mother to the cake she and my sister Karin made.
Then I've to bake one of my own.

So far there's nothing else to do, so why not writing a little something.
This is for romeny
I hope you like it, my dear.

Title: "Shine"
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: G

Zeke began to walk around the kitchen; he was tired of playing these childish games.  He had much better things to
do with his time. Why couldn't he stand for his feelings. Why does he almost take one step back than forward?
He hurt him over and over again though this never was his intention.

For about 3 weeks he had avoided him but the price was high.
Too high.
His eyes missed his smile, his arms missed holding him.
He missed the smell of his hair. He missed his head resting on his chest.
He missed holding his face, staring into these beautiful eyes of blue.
The most he missed being held by him.

And now he's back. He's here.

Casey came without a weapon in his hands to fight a war. For the better. For his sake.
The last evening was fun. They discovered lots of make-up at his mothers dressing table.
Women. Why do they 'paint' their faces? Casey called it war paint, just to scare people.
They laughed and giggled for hours between lipsticks, mascara, make-up, rouge ... until their faces hurt.

He enjoyed it, they both did.

When it was time to leave - Casey always had to be at home at 10 p.m. - he looked at him contemplative.
His next words hit Zeke in his heart of hearts: "You just can't let me go, can you?"
Could he? He stared at Zeke and whispered: 'Hazel eyes that let your emotions pass through them easily, making me see your lies..."
So this is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? Fuck his pride.
Casey was right. He couldn't let him go. No lies anymore.

When Casey touched his face he had told him he worried too much, that he ought to smile more.
The reason why he wasn't in the mood for smiling... he had missed Casey. Without
knowing how much. And then Casey took his face into his hands, leaned in and ... kissed him.
A kiss that scared Zeke as much as he longed for. It made him feel out of this world. It made  him feel like drowning in dryness...
Casey loved him.  The only one that really loved him. And he ... loved him ...much more.

It was the first time Casey stayed over night. Zeke never shared his bed with someone he loved,
someone who doesn't expect anything, someone who just took HIM in his arms, someone who touched
him gently without touching his skin only.

When Casey kissed his fingertips Zeke had to hold his breath because this felt so intimate. And ... big.
Casey had placed his hand on his chest because he wanted to feel it rise and fall under his touch.
This closeness ... this incredible closeness just brought about a little touch ... an small little words shattered the thick wall
he had built around himself.
"Love is not about the body. It has to do with something essential and immutable."

Tears were running down his face just to let him - Zeke Tyler - taste the answer to questions he'd never dare
to ask. So much wasted time and it was all his fault. Time can break you, can bend your knees. How many times
had he tried to scream but he couldn't ... because it's too hard when you're wounded.
But Casey had understood. He always does.

'It's no good for you being alone, Zeke.' Words very much hidden in his own head. Words he'd never had spoken.
This would be a statement. But isn't this the truth?
The agonizingly slow movement of the clock is distracting, each second ticktickticking makes him realize how precious these moments are.

While Casey is sleeping he can feel his heart beating and he repeats his love in his head.
He watches him for a long long time and all he can do is smile when he realizes that Casey is still holding his hand, that he is holding
him near.
To make sure this wasn't a dream.
He is made to shine...  shining like silver in the mercuric moon's extensive radiance.

See you later, guys!
Love you all.
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