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cat week

What a week!

4 weeks ago we got a newbie. She's called Leonie. We got her from the animal shelter where she lived for about 4 years (much too long). Wolfgang found her on the internet and it was the moment when we knew - this little one needed a new home. She was very shy and nervous, we didn't see her for days. It was a good thing that I had to spend nearly 3 weeks at home so she could get used at leas to me. And that she did.
Last week she followed me step by step, her favourite place (besides my bed)is the kitchen. There are so many things to discover, to play with and to enjoy - the shyness slowly fades away. Yesterday she gave permission to me stroking her for 3 times. What an incredible feeling! And she's a singer, talking to me all the time. Now and then she's spitting and scratching but only once the day :-))

And here she is - Leonie

Then I had to go to the vet with one of my older cats, Frida - to get one tooth removed. She's doing well and this morning she ate that much as if she would be starving.

that's Frida

Bibi - is just a sweetheart

and so is Leila - she's soooo wonderful. She was as shy as Leonie and now she's almost glued to us,
favourite place? Kitchen and bed of course.


and Hedwig-Molly tries always to be the model, LOL
Hedwig-Molly looking for flies...

I'm sure you remember the tailless cat - Josh - we've found 2 years ago.
Last night I could hear him screaming, he didn't come home for 10 days and I learned just yesterday that a women locked  him up. I got up and walked in the dark at 2.am. for about 1 hour until I could free him. What an image. He was so thin, eyes swollen and 2 legs broken so I visited the vet and all he could do was putting him to sleep because the injuries were too bad. 
After this I called the police and  indicated the crime. One of the other neighbours saw this 'lady' beating Josh and he did ... nothing! But thanks to God he told me about it and he'll testify against her. They are on their way to me. I'm sad and angry. I can't understand that people can be so cruel.  I never will.
But now Josh is on a better place. I can see him sitting beside my father (who loved cats as much as I do) snuggling on his lap and enjoying the peace around him. But I'll miss him as much as I miss my other cats who're joining my dad.
Hey Dad, take good care of this little sweetheart.

And now the policemen are here. I'll keep you informed.
Thanks for listening.
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