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Happy weekend, f-list!
I couldn't sleep that good because of the heat (unbelievable it stopped raining!!!) so time for some typewriting...

A little C/Z can't be bad on Saturday morning.
This is for claudia603

Title: "Little stormy weather"
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: PG

No beta, all mistakes are mine again ...

He was confused, angry about himself. He could have lost him in a split second. And all he could do was ... nothing. He couldn't even move.
Most of all he was ashamed. Of course Casey had understood, he didn't blame him - he reassured him that he was okay. Thinking about his words didn't make things any better. Not at all. He felt worse than ever.

Sitting alone in his garage he felt sick, unbelievably sick and tired. He'd never forget the look in Casey's eyes as if he would be disgusted by himself. Over and over again he had touched his face and shuddered.

He remembered the moment he had found Casey in the gym face to face with the monster. He couldn't stand being touched by Zeke, he winced, flinched, tried to escape and it was hard work to carry him out.   Casey had been running away and he had to let him go when he'd seen the haunted look in his eyes. The kid should get some rest, he deserved it. Maybe he just needed some privacy, to work it out by himself.

At home Zeke realized how close to death they all had been, that he almost wouldn't have had  the chance talking to his friends again, talking to Casey. To tell the truth - they didn't talk much so far but he would change it. The longer he thought about it the more worried he got.

He had to see him, he had to talk to him otherwise it would eat him up. 'Whatever 'it' was. On a night like this none of them should be alone. Sure, his parents would be there for him but it was Zeke himself who couldn't bear being alone. Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. There's only Casey he could lean on. If he would have the courage after all. Should he call him first? No, a call wouldn't be enough.

He felt restless and realized that he was already walking in the streets. And he missed Casey. He missed someone. Especially on a night like this. It felt like it was raining in his heart, the street started swaying so he had to stop.Could this stop with Casey, could he take it all away?  But didn't he expect too much? Wasn't he just selfish? Wasn't he a fool that he couldn't see how exceptional Casey was... is? Where the heck did these thoughts come from...

He stopped at the Connor's house and nearly backed down. Straightening his back, taking few deep breaths he rang the bell. Before he could take his finger off the door opened and there stood Casey. Yes, it was the right thing to do. The kid looked like he felt. But he opened his arms and Zeke knew all would be okay, they could go through it. He could make it.

"We could be dead... I could have lost... you, Case..." no more than a whimper. He put his arms around the slim shoulders, pulling him closer.
It felt so good holding him in his arms feeling his breath even and slow.
He put a little kiss on Casey's head inhaling the scent that was him.  His heart felt as heavy as it felt light. It was tremendous feeling, overwhelming and very very big. Casey's face was buried in the crook of his neck and Zeke felt little shudders running through their bodies.

When Casey looked up at him he saw Zeke with different eyes. There was this strong young man fighting against his weakness ... a weakness he loved at him so much.
Ghosting his lips he whispered. "I can feel something alive inside of me... telling me this could be it, that it's going to be alright sometime...
But I'm scared, Zeke... That it could happen I wanted to have ... you... every day..."

Zeke looked down at him "I'm scared as hell too, because I don't know what'll be waiting of ...us... going down a different road. Maybe this new feel will be too much for us to bear. I don't know how to handle it ... should it happen.... but I'm sensing a new beginning... "

Casey kissed him again, this time Zeke leaned in and felt a whisper against his lips "We are living here and now... forget yesterday... forget tomorrow, Zeke... This is the right time, the once in a life time."

He smiled at him and Zeke believed that they could make it together that, this was real, that he wouldn't be on his own anymore. That they wouldn't be lost any longer on an endless sea, that they would dive into the waters of forgetfulness. That they finally had found something worth living.

He looked up at the full moon, back to Casey again and all the things he wanted to say became unimportant when he saw the smile on his face.
In his heart he could hear him calling and when they kissed this time they had closed their eyes, enjoying the little stormy weather inside them because is felt just right.

The next few minutes passed in almost complete silence save for the moans of pleasure which came from both of them.
"Casey... I think... I love you..."
"Zeke... I know... I love us..."
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