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Hello hello
I just started the Christmas cards *g* - maybe I'll make it punctually this time!
Christmas cards in August? Believe me - it COULD be October speaking of the windchill factor.
And it rains and rains and rains. Snails and earthworms are partying for weeks now - they are big and happ and FAT!

All flowers - besides lavender - are destroyed, here and then you can barely imagine some leaves.
But - they say next summer will be there 2012! I'm so looking forward to it.

I didn't know I own that much umbrellas, LOL. I left them at work, at my mother, at the doctor, at my sister ...
so I had to get a new one. Always because I was raining cats and dogs. Now I call 7 umbrellas, not that bad, isn't it? *g*

Today I cleaned the flat completely and I'm so proud!
This means time for reading and writing and snuggling up on the bed with my cats.

I hope you're enjoying Froday and the weekend!
See you later, sweeties!

*dances in the rain, YAY! The crutches are already hidden in the darkest corner*
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