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for honeyandvinegar

Hi sweetie,
I promised you a 6 word poem. Sorry for being late but I didn't forget about it.
The 6 words I've chosen: Exception, fear, flow, caught, slide, sleep.

Title: Safety
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: PG

- Zeke is an exception. He always seemed to be an exception.
Fear - We have nothing to fear but fear itself
When I found him face to face with the dead monster he
seemed so much more breakable than usual.
When I took him in my arms I could hear heavy sighs of pain,
Looking at him at this moment there is this immense feeling of protection instinct -
I just want to help him, to carry him out.
And if the world would have been gone I couldn't have let go of him.
He's slowly sliding into the land of dreams, restless still, clinging to me,
leaving marks on my arms.
I'm so glad - these are signs that he's alive, that he's not broken completely.
Now the darkness is on our side, we're leaving unseen
that's all I want for him.
Walking out under the starry sky, feeling the cold wind on my face
gives me hope. Hope that some day all the horrible things will
fade away.
Did I walk for minutes or for hours? I can't say -
sleep has come to him and
I'm caught by the beauty in my arms, he's like an ice flower
blossoming in the night.
I can feel the flow deep inside me, protection flows to safety,
safety flows to warmth, warmth flows to ... love.

My Casey - I will do everything for you
that you won't be afraid anymore.

Have a wonderful day, f-list!
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