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It's a birthday!!!

Happy birthday my dearest mews1945 
I'm wishing you a fantastic birthday with all the things and people you like and you love.
LJ wouldn't be the same without you, you're one of the good souls here brightening so many days.

And here's a little something for you, I hope you like it

Title: Sunflower summer
Characters:  Mrs. C / Zeke (Casey implied)
Rating: PG

Love can change everything
even love betrays you.
The bloodlessness on your cheeks
makes you as beautiful as an angel.
I'm taking your hands
whispering in your ear...
my words will free you from the cold
believe me
in every desert there's live
there are emotions.

Snow touched your feelings
disappointments kept on eating you up
The loneliness grows for a little moment
You won't let me see how much
your broken heart is hurting you
You get your pride
and because you are you
you always know
how to hide
the pain.

But now you're here crying in my arms
you're still so very young
you're still a little boy
clinging anxiously to me.
Everybody needs a shoulder to lean on
people forget this far too often
especially when it comes to you.

You told my son about the numbness
when you parents left
your told him how scared you were
at night
that there was no one to call,
that nobody cared for a child like you...
You told my son people don't see that you're
that you're breathing.

You told my son how much you hate it
when you can't wake up,
that you're still dancing with your demons.
Demons called distrust, loneliness and cold.
You told my son you always feel so cold
when he's not there...

My son told me you leave the lights on...
to keep nightmares at bay...
that you can't stand the dark...
He told me that he watched you sleeping...
how afraid he was that  the warmth you feel beside him
would be fading.
My son told me that first you would't let
him close enough
because you were afraid he could hurt you, too.
My son told me he never gave up,
he'd never give  up.
I think it's because he loves you.

With blood shot eyes I'm holding you,
watching you,
rocking you like a baby,
listening to your heart beat
finally soft and slow...

The night is changing colors
In the sky a silver streak is shining
then I feel a little kiss on my cheek
I can hear a deep deep sigh
Sparks are shining in your eyes
when you whisper
"Thank you, Mrs. C. - with you and Casey
I'll make it through every iceflower summer..."

The moon appears all covered by the clouds
I know you're safe ... both of you...
I'm leaving you, it's hard to smile but
I smile at you
Casey's eyes tell me how much you mean to him
if this ain't love,then what is love...

Iceflower summer ...
kid you're not a broken angel,
you're  special but nevertheless the little boy
you were never allowed to be...

In my bed I can't hold back anymore.
The salty tears running down my face are
bitter and sweet.
I swear to God, in the name of every mother
I'll do everything to protect my boys
from fear,
from pain and
from iceflower summers

Have a very relaxing day!

though some movements aren't that bad

and of course a little birthday cake

and don't forget to sing, babes!

Lots of love and hugest birthday hugs,
Julchen .
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