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daily C/Z post

I  hope you all had a wonderful Sunday!
It's still raining here but they say tomorrow the sun and summer will be back!
I didn't do much besides cooking (vegetarian lasagna and tomato salad), watching The Fellowship (no matter how many times I've seen it I'm always excited and crying at the same scenes...), playing with the cats,
talking to the animal shelter - maybe we'll get a newbie next week. She lives about 4 years in the shelter and no one wanted her so far because she's very very shy and needs permanent medicine because of a kidney disease.  I have an appointment with her at the vet on Friday - Keep your fingers crossed for her that I can take her home. I'm so looking forward to this little one, she's called Leonie and that's her:

And now another C/Z post because this fandom has become so quiet lately...

Title: Rain
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: R

Rain. To me rain is reassuring, peaceful, quiet.
When there's something on my mind, torturing me, haunting me, bothering me
there's nothing more beautiful than standing in the rain.
Clouds are hanging deep, grey, big, but never menacing.
The air feels sticky at the beginning sometimes, fresh and clean at the end.
Time to take a deep breath, to ease the tension.
The stillness seems to loud at first but as soon as I get used to it
it's wonderful.
Nature works slow, cars are driving slowlier.
People  are holding there briefcases over their heads, colorful and elegant umbrellas
are dancing in the crowd.

Rain can be different, warm and smooth in summer, icy cold and biting in winter.
I love them all.

When it starts raining we have a quiet agreement meeting us at Zeke's house,
spending the time at the balcony. Whether it may be day or night. Sitting side
by side it's a great time for us. Just us - the rain and ... nothing.
He's like wax in my hands as soon as I'm opening the buttons of his shirt to
strip him half-naked. Raindrops are running down his shoulders, arms,along his
chest... following the line slowly with my fingers I ask him to just lie down ...
and my Zeke smiles. We share short and soft kisses, touching each other's face ....
Knowing what we both need... I just learned after a little while how to make him
feel good ...

The way to his heart in these moments - it's through his skin. I feel closer to him
than I usually do. Especially when it's a deep dark night.
He lies face up on the mattress while I position myself behind his head.
I'm scratching his scalp with my nails, softly, not too strong, tracing the folds
of his ears, the contours of his cheekbones and nose. My palms are now on his
neck, I'm stroking from the left to the right, slowly increasing the circulation,
slowly awakening his senses. Grasping his head at the jaw, pulling it towards
to me gently, stretching his neck muscles relieves tension and his breathing becomes

Positioning myself at his side, sliding my hands to she shoulders he always wants me
to stop for a little moment. The lightness of my strokes make him shiver.
The look in his eyes is so intense, full of love and growing
lust. I slowly progress down along his arms, to his hands, upwards back to his
shoulders. Kneading his chest muscles, teasing his nipples, smiling when he starts
moaning. I'm always surprised how quickly I glide, the raindrops on his body, under
my hands make it easy. Moving to the center of his breastbone, right over his heart
I can feel his heart beating. Fast. Faster. Louder.
Long,fluid, flat-handed rubs from his upper chest over to the nipples end with
rolling them between my thumbs and index finger.

He's biting his lips, looking at me with desperation and anticipation...
It's hard for me to hold back but this only takes a few seconds and I move on.
Feathering his belly with my fingertips only, increasing the pressure slowly,
dancing over his hips to his upper legs.

The strokes are varying now from gliding long strokes to deep and short strokes.
His hitching breath tells me he's close... so close... - it's the moment when I
stop, making him plea and scream.

I'm straddling his waist, settling for holding on to his hips, sliding a wet hand down
his length, rocking my  hips back and forth. Slowly. Zeke loves this. I love
having him under me,flushed and all to willing following my lead.
It not easy keeping up the punishing rhythm, stop ... and go... stop ... and go ...
he winds his arms around my hips, clings to me when I'm driving him closer and
closer to the edge.
All too soon he climaxes ... shouting my name, dragging his nails down my back.
I'm following after a few more thrusts, my teeth sinking into the junction of
Zeke's neck and shoulder.

Pouring rain is wonderful. Cleaning, cooling ... refreshing.
I love him in moments like this - his hair tangled and matted, his cheeks rosy,
his lips cracked by his own bites that he didn't scream too loud...
I've never seen someone more beautiful than Zeke in the afterglow.

When we were snuggling up  tonight I asked him "Do you want to sleep now?"
Zeke chuckled
"No. I couldn't at the moment. Adrenaline. And Case -
one of these days ... you're going to be the death of me..."

So I have to be more careful next time ...

The first kiss after feels as natural as the second and the third and every single one that follows.
“Casey?” Zeke asked, between kiss nine and ten, “Would you mind doing me the touching?”
This makes me grin and nod. "Ok, can we get in, I'm kind of freezing...
Would you please carry me to the  bedroom.”

And he does.

Good night friends!
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