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daily C/Z post

Good evening,
I'm a bit late but the computer didn't work because of the thunderstorms. But now all is fixed, energy is back!

So here's the next C/Z post if you don't mind.
As usual no beta, all mistakes are Julchen's :-))

Title: Joystick
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: PG

It was ... long.
And it was hard, firm, a little soft at the head.
He 'hmmm-ed' and let his fingers do the talking...
He'd need some oil. Later.
He started smooth but also powerful stroking movements
while holding the tip.
The smell was intense, aromatic and a little bitter.
He moved downward from the tip to the base...
Casey murmured "God god, what are you doing?"
Zeke chuckled but went on with his 'work'...
"Thought we were hungry..."
Casey's voice changed. He was all moans and
Zeke smiled, chuckled and finally burst into laughter.

"I watched my mom doing this."
"You did? And?"
"Believe me thoughts I had then were different to
the thoughts I have now... Jesus! You should stop it!"
"Should I? Seriously?"

Zeke smiled again while Casey watched the
careful slow, oh so slow movements of Zeke's hand.
This guy was a god in everything he was doing.
Casey felt...hot.
"You're very experienced in..."
"You should know that, Casey boy..."
Sometimes Casey needs to be pulled to heaven
and it doesn't need much to keep him screaming
the whole way there.
He couldn't resist  to steal a kiss.
"Careful, boy. I could hurt you..." Zeke giggled
against his lips.
"How long?"
"20 minutes."
"You're sure?"
"Absolutely. Remember? I don't do it first time..."
"Hey, sexy... I'm done!"
"How many?"

"25! Get the pot and put this fucking asparagus in.
Dinner will be ready in 20 minutes..."
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