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daily C/Z post

Good evening, friends.
The thunderstorms are over. Wow - they were enormous and exciting.
Now the sky is all blue again with sheep clouds and it looks like summer
but it's very cold outside.
The storms, the thunder and lightnings were spectacular!
I loved it and I enjoyed it!

Yesterday honeyandvinegar  asked in a poll post
"Mr. and Mrs. Connor are mad as hell and have grounded Casey for two whole weeks. Why?"
She and prisca  asked for a ficlet.
This came out ...
As always no beta, all mistakes are mine and mine alone.

Title: Calendar boy
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: PG

"Mr. and Mrs. Connor are mad as hell and have grounded Casey for two whole weeks. Why?"
Casey had never seen his parents acting like this.
His father yelled at him like a thunder god for almost 6 hours daily,
his mother cried for about two weeks now as soon as Casey shows up
whimpering, lamenting "It's a shame...
How could you..."He really didn't see what his parents were making such a big deal of,
Casey didn't understand all the excitement and anger, not at all.
He didn't do anything wrong. Ok., maybe it wasn't all legal what he did.
He just wanted to proof himself ... that he could do something
others he knew didn't.

It was enough! After 14 days being prisoned he left the house
secretly at 11 p.m. in a hurry, a pile of calendars in his
backpack going to meet his best friend Zeke.
He had missed him, his parents didn't give permission to call him.
Not even Zeke.

When Zeke opened the door Casey was in rage
leaving Zeke frowning and murmuring, "Sure, come in, boy...
Nice to see you, too..."
He babbled and talked his head of,
quoted his mother, his father, confessed that he went to New York City,
where a professional photographer had hired him. That he had fun doing
the shots, that it was a serious job and not at all indecent.
At the end he was angry about the whole wide world until Zeke stopped him.,
"Easy, boy. What's up, man?"
He flipped on the couch and got Zeke the photos.

They obviously didn't theme the photos according to month,
because above the month of January was a picture of Casey dressed in a
tight black t-shirt. His hair was wet, darker than usual and curly.
And while he did look…really, really good…
…okay, he looked freaking fucking hot! Hot and Casey. He wouldn't dream
of such a thing.
He flipped the pages and stopped at July.
Casey was dressed in a blue button-up shirt  but it wasn't  buttoned up.
He was looking at the ground and had one hand atop his curly wet head.
There was this streak of glossy hair that tumbled down on his forehead.
And…and the shirt was open and Zeke could see Casey's bare chest
...wasn't there was a drop of water on his stomach right
by that trail of hair that led south into his jeans.
Was he wearing jeans? Zeke couldn't tell because the picture cut off
right fucking there.
So. Wet. Half naked Casey -
He flipped the page to August and sighed "Oh my freaking fucking god..."
Zeke stared at it for hours it seems without any word. He simply was
speechless, had  to take a deep, shuddering breath and look away from the calendar
for a few moments in order to simply calm down (his brain ordered him to stay cool,
his body interacted in a different ...language)

That drenched blue shirt was taunting him.
The color of his eyes, blue blue blue were piercing him but those lips...
were…sort of…really kissable looking.
One hand was lifting that  drenched blue shirt up to reveal his stomach.
His abdominal muscles were sparsely covered with hair
and - Jesus - there was that trail again…

Casey felt uncomfortable, more than uncomfortable. This kind of silence was
almost unbearable.
Casey cocked his head to the side and squinted his eyes a little.
"You okay, Zeke?" he asked.

Zeke tried to nod but he couldn't, so he murmured "yes... yes..."
but his eyes betraying him - glancing down at Casey's body.
Where did he have his eyes so far?
He grabbed the calendars and hissed
"Come on, up with you..."
He almost shouted "Get in the damned car!"
"Get. In. The. Car!"
They drove in silence, another moment of uncomfortable
Casey felt like someone would strangle him, it was hard to
breath and the worst - Zeke didn't talk to him, he didn't even
look at him.
They stopped at the Connor's house.
"Get out!"
Casey obliged. Now all was lost. Even Zeke didn't understand,
even worse - Zeke was MAD at him.
Mrs. C. opened the door and Zeke went in with Casey in tow.

"Give me the calendars!" Another order.
He banged them on the table, staring at the Connors and
simply asked "Why don't you like them?"
Mrs. Connor started crying again when Zeke lifted his hand.
"He was in N. Y. alone. Ok, that wasn't right but it was his
decision, he isn't a baby anymore.
He faked your signature, fine - in that case he acted like
a kid.
but the photos - they are beautiful.
You should be proud of him! But no - you have to give him the
worst time of his life. He wanted to do this, he did it great!
it's the August image? Right? Why? He IS beautiful and ...
so why shouldn't people like looking at him?
I'll get some calendars, be sure and the whole school will get
them, too.
I AM proud of Casey, very proud because I wouldn't have had the guts
to do this."
Mr. Connor passed through the room, stopped and grumbled
"But he is almost NAKED!"
"And what? Are you ashamed of his body? He isn't! He needn't
to be ashamed... Get to your senses Mr. and Mrs. C!"

With this he took Casey by the hand and haled him out of the
house, back to his car.
In the car he turned at Casey and his look softened
"Hey calendar boy. I thought to know you. But I was wrong.
I didn't know there's a secret identity..."
He looked at September again "I've never seen anyone look sexier
in a picture than you, Casey fucking Connor."
Then he turned his head, leaned over and smashed their lips together in a kiss.
It was rough, all teeth and tongue and need.
Casey was surprised... went all limb and soft and shaky
"I think..." another kiss... "I should call..." kiss... "you..."
sexy..." deep long kiss "and... MINE!"
Then he smirked "you can be sure I'll buy all calendars I can get,
because it should be my privilege seeing you like this."
"Half naked?"
"What about December, sexy? "
"Can't wait for it..."
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