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daily C/Z post

Hello, hello - I hope you don't get tired because of the daily posts ...
but I don't know how much time I'll have in July :-))

So here we go again:

Title: Colors
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: PG

"When did you start painting?"
Zeke wiped the sleeve of his overalls over his face,
the brush in one hand, the color palette in the other.
"It came to me slowly. I always was interested in ... colors. Because colors are
more than a combination of red and blue or green and yellow. "
Casey tilted his head and watched him carefully.
"So what means blue..."
Zeke smirked, still painting on the latest picture.
"Blue... it isn't a color only, Casey. It's a feeling...
Royal blue - for example - stands for urgency,vibrating impulses
Azure - is a mixture between cyan and blue - to me it stands for calmness, stability and
"So when do you know what color you have to use ...?"
Zeke frowned "I never know what will come out when I get started. It's an emotional
Creating a painting, using the right colors without thinking  if they are right -
colors can't be wrong, Casey. I'm using them and I know it fits or it doesn't. "
He stopped and asked Casey to join him "I'll show you something..."
He opened the door to a huge hall with numerous brushes and easels,
most paintings were hidden behind linens.
He revealed a small painting "Look at it, Casey. It's dark and heavy. It doesn't show
the night sky only, you can see shadows, like claws...I can still feel the dark..."
"When did you paint this?"
"I painted this last year when I had some trouble with my parents, when my grandma
passed away... This kind of blue in combination with black and white shows grief, depression and loss...
I still know how I felt while I did this..."
Casey stared at him "Why didn't you tell me?"
"At this time we weren't even friends, Case..."
"I'm so sorry, Zeke..."
"Don't. But come on - I'll show you another one..."
He lifted the linen of a larger one - the background was yellow and orange with dots of green and red -
Casey couldn't recognize what it should be.
"What did you paint here?"
"Emotions, Case. Look at the date - it started and finished it the day we kissed first.
It doesn't show an object, I painted it with my eyes half-closed... just what I felt ...
overwhelmed, confused and
so very happy..."
"So these colors mean happiness to you?"
"Sort off, but most of all excitement ... I've painted this with large brush strokes without stopping,
I felt - as I said - excited and I wanted to keep this feeling.
The dark image I showed you I simply painted ... emotionless, sad, with short strokes - just to forget
the hell around me..."
Casey was impressed and hugged him from behind.
"You're a great artist, Zeke..."
"No., Casey. sometimes I'm simply deeply moved by all the love you're giving me
so painting to me is the non-verbal communication and yet the possibility to shout out loud
how much you mean to me...
Casey pressed his face against his shoulder and kisses him softly
"I love you too, Zeke. If I would be a painter I'd use red only..."
"What kind of red?"
"Hmmm.. blood red..."
Zeke turned around and kissed him deep.
"Blood red - is associated with the heart, it symbolizes strength, passion,  love and life..."
"Would you like painting me?"
Zeke kissed him again... "I did this, love. With every fiber of my heart - I don't need
a brush to paint you..."
and his fingers softly touched the boy who united all colors of the world...
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