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daily C/Z post

Good evening, my friends!

The last weeks I read a story over and over again I remembered so clearly.
And one passage gave me goosebumps and this hasn't changed.
It's the extraordinary story written by our dear aliensouldream    called "Between Worlds"
You can find it here: http://aliensouldream.livejournal.com/32363.html

I borrowed some lines and I couldn't resist some scribblings - I hope you don't mind,

The lines from aliensouldream   :

"Zeke didn't say anything but he was breathing hard. His arm was flung across Casey's chest, pulling his back firmly against his front. He held on while Casey got his legs underneath him and found his equilibrium. Casey was trembling but he recovered quickly from the shock. He felt grateful, if embarrassed. Zeke had most likely saved his life. But before he could begin to formulate any thanks, he suddenly realised something weird was happening."

Title: "Grace"
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: PG

Zeke didn't expect it to happen today... now...
It was a reflex, a reflex born in him from the moment he met Casey.
He could feel Casey trembling or was it him?
Casey's cold body grew warm against his.
His arm still resting across Casey's chest burned -
he wished he could always hold him like this,
protective, possessive?

He couldn't let go because it felt ... good,
so damned good
knowing them safe now.
Safe in the smoothness of their closeness -
a closeness that wasn't physically only.

The thunder increased,
his grip on the lean body -
the grip around his heart intensified, too.

When Casey's head went back
when he felt the soft hair on his chin -
it was him, Zeke Tyler,
feeling safe now.
Whether did he feel the rain nor the wind...
he just felt Casey.

It felt ... right.

The bond of friendship between them
had become close,
so close that it hurt sometimes.
From the beginning he knew
there was something in the air...
something big.
Something  he couldn't explain,
something he couldn't see -
and yet it was rolling toward him like a tremendous wave
without any mercy
but with the grace of Casey's ability
to crack his heart,
to crack his soul,
to crack his world open.

Standing there with him,
watching this spectacular wonder of nature
he guessed that he probably
wouldn't remember the exact day,
but the memories of it would always remain...
memories of a very special and unique moment.

When he leaned his chin lightly on the top of Casey's head
blinded by the bright illuminating light
surrounded by the murmured  voices of strangers,
captured by beauty,
enfolding them like a warm blanket -
shielding them from all danger and pain
they came at ease...

Vision and reality blurred -
this must be it: the quintessence of life -
knowing, feeling you just discovered...
you just found
"the one."
To him it was Casey, to Casey it was him.

Their hearts started beating in unison.
Zeke didn't have to see it -
he knew Casey had closed his eyes and so did he.
It was like waking up suddenly -
he felt ... pleasure...
a symphony of emotions with the truth
in his arms.

When he feathered Casey's scalp
he was flushed by an unbelievable
'so it is true - it doesn't need much to fall in love...'


Have a nice day, evening, night wherever you are!
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