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Hello, hello!
What a rainy Monday - but it was a good one.
Wolfgang and I spend a little time in the garden haunting snails, LOL. It was a great success!
In the afternoon we snuggled up with the cats, played with them for hours and now they are all (Wolfgang + the cats) sleeping.

It's time for the next C/Z post, I just finished typing :-))
you can see it as a sequel to:
http://julchen11.livejournal.com/221697.html  (part 1) and

Title: "Mothers always know..."
characters: Casey / Mrs. Connor
Rating: none

On his way back home Casey thought a lot about their first talk. Of course.
He didn't know what to think of it. How did this all come from.
Zeke had told him ... 'secrets' - he was sure, that no one, absolutely no one knew
how he felt. It was confusing, it scared him. How should he handle it.
When he opened the door to the Connor's kitchen his mother sat there reading
the paper.
"Hi, sweetie."
"Hi, mom."
"How was it?"
"I really don't know but it'd call it ... good."
Mrs. C. looked concerned over her glasses, frowned and patted at the empty
chair beside her.
"Come here, wanna talk about it?"
Casey hesitated but it couldn't be that bad talking to his mother.
She was a clever woman and she'd be fair.
"It was kind of odd... Can you imagine that we simply skipped small-talk?
He was talking about how he feels. That it isn't THAT cool living alone, without
his parents. Only his cat is waiting for him...And I told him so much about myself,
how I feel... "
"You like him, right?"
"He isn't that bad guy I thought him to be - though he never hurt me or played tricks on me...
and yes... I think I like him... My hope is that we could be friends - but there's a possibility hurt feelings and wounded ... hearts wouldn't allow for a close friendship..."
"Easy, boy. What do you think of him. You like him, you're watching him and you didn't expect
that he is obviously interested in you. Am I right?"
"Mom - how do you know ... I never mentioned ... Zeke..."
"That's true. But when I emptied your waste paper basket there were so many crumpled papers with his name written on it..."
"You spied on me?"
"You know I never would, but I couldn't help myself taking a peak... "
"Mom... I think I have to tell you ... something ... important..."
"Bye the way -  I always knew you're not into girl..."
"MOM! ... You're not ... mad about me?
"No, Casey. I have to admit it was a rough road in the beginning but now we're fine..."
"Dad knows it, too?"
"Sure. We were talking about it..."
"But you didn't know for SURE! ... What did he say?"
"At first he didn't believe it  but then he said he'll always love you, no matter what. You being gay
doesn't mean that you've changed and are another person. You're still our little boy..."
"Thanks, mom..."
"For what? For loving you? I'd be a lame duck of a mother if I wouldn't..."
Casey leaned against her shoulder and kissed her on her cheek.
"you're incredible..."
"But now - don't turn the subject. Tell me something about Zeke..."
"I don't know that much. He's older than I am, very tall, smart and handsome. He has
hazel eyes, and I'm sure his hair is soft..."
"Sounds like a dream boy?"
"I'm sure you'd find him ... sexy!"
"Woohooo... sexy. Could it be you like him a little bit more?"
"It COULD be... Mom, what can I do?"
"Take it slow, my son. You both need a friend, I dare say he needs a friend more than you do..."
"Because he is always alone when he's at home. You have your family around every day, on
vacation we're meeting your uncles, nephews, cousins...I know it's not the same."
"I told you I like him but I have no clue where this leads..."
"Does he like you?"
"I have no idea, I didn't ask..."
Casey sighed deeply. This made Mrs. C. chuckle.
"Oh, where does this sigh come from? Sweetie, me thinks you like him a lot.
You should see your eyes right now - all sparkles and beams..."
Casey blushed... "Who knows what the possibilities may be as friends..."
"As I said - take it easy but always remember: you can hide your heart in a little box so
your heart will never be hurt, but the cost is
spending the days and nights alone. Every days. Every nights..."
"But what if I'm wrong, what if he just wanted to talk, maybe he won't come tomorrow, maybe
he's laughing at me right at this moment..."
"Do you think he's like that?"
"I don't know because I don't know him..."
"But you had a good start, Casey."
"I wish it would be tomorrow afternoon. It's hard to ... wait..."
"I'm sure he'll come..."
"But what if - just thinking - if I would feel more or if he would like me as much as I like him?
What shall I do then? I'm sure I'd mess it up because I'm so damned inexperienced in everything."
"Shshshsh,  both - romantically and as friends, there's no guarantee in life.But now just enjoy
what happened this afternoon. You like Zeke. He liked talking to you. I'm sure you both will
find a way to each other..."
Casey smiled. His mother always knew the right words to reassure him, to comfort him, to
calm him down. Yes - it was a good conversation .
"Mom, he's so ... special and soooo beautiful. I'm sure you'll like him, too... But he's also a rebel I think...
God, what am I talking about. Behaving like a little teenie..."
"You ARE a little teenie, my sweet seventeen..." Mrs. Connor smiled and ruffled his hair.
They sat there in silence as they sat there so many times when Casey needed her
advice. Mrs. Connor was glad that her boy- at this age - was still talking to her when he had something
on the mind.
She was curious about this Zeke boy and she knew (mothers always knew) that her little
sweetheart was already fallen in love.

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