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The Vineyard chapter 17

As promised ... so that you won't have to wait another year *g*
No beta. All mistakes are mine.

Characters: Zeke/?
Rating: none

“It would have been better things that are old to keep sleeping. Zeke Tyler. If this is your name …”

Zeke was forced to flee but he couldn’t move. Zeke got pervaded by a threatening feeling, a fear enhanced by the unknown.
He went pale. Again there was this voice, dark, dangerous “Are you ready to let lose?”
The danger was creeping under his skin. Something demonic and dark took him over. It was ghostly still. The only sound he could hear was the hammering beat of his own heart. Then it became warm, warmer, until the heat was unbearable.

He didn’t realize that he had shut his eyes until he opened them. It took him quite a while to get used to the dark.

He found himself in a huge hall. Something pushed him forward, threw him back, he crashed down and hit his chin on a hidden staircase. The staircase was steep and led into nothing it seems.  He was dragged along, the edge of the staircase were sharp. “Stop it!”, he yelled because of tremendous pain and the sound of cracking rips. He tasted something warm on his tongue, it tasted like copper. A warm fluid was running down his  throat.

Shit! “Casey! Joshua! ” Nothing. He was alone until  a glaring light blinded him. He tried to protect his eyes with his bloody hands, again he was held back by an incredible power.
There was a shadowy slim figure. He frightened, who was this? “Casey…” he whispered. An ugly diabolic jeering laughter was the answer. Red eyes pierced him, then the voice sounded like the grumbling roar of a cat “Why can’t you leave things as they are?”

Before Zeke could say something, the man rose his hand “Don’t! I didn’t ask for an answer. If you’ll go on disturbing the dead…”

“He isn’t d…” – Zeke tried to reply but someone slapped him in the face and his nose started bleeding. “It’s your choice, Ezekiel! Make your decision now. Your life or …”

Zeke was in rage. “Or what? It you want me to be dead why don’t you kill me NOW? There’s no decision I’d make. Whether for my life nor for …Casey’s. “

The figure approached, became taller, all the more dangerous he snapped at Zeke “Find out who you are, then maybe, YOU will survive.”
Before Zeke could reply anything he was wrapped up in darkness again.

The heat was gone. It became colder. A keen cry, his own cry, woke him up. When he opened his eyes again he found himself laying on the old couch in Joshua’s hut. His friend looked concerned. “You’re ok, lad?”
O.k.? No. His tongue felt thick, his throat sore. Unable to talk let alone swallow he got up and he still felt it. The power of the Dark.
What he didn’t know at this moment – it was just the beginning.

Tags: c/z; fanfiction; the vineyard
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