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Happy Weekend!

Hi there,
it's very stormy outside and it's raining cats and dogs so plan A - spending as much time is the garden as possible - is ruined.
But I'm ready for plan B - I declare this day as my cat day.
Wolfgang got them new toys yesterday and now they are all bouncy and running like made across the rooms.
Pictures will follow later :-))

And of course Lily is of service when I'm up to writing.
I've found this quote some day:

"If by chance I seated myself to write, she very slyly, very tenderly, seeking protection and caresses, would softly take her place on my knee and follow the comings and goings of my pen -- sometimes effacing, with an unintentional stroke of her paw, lines of whose tenor she disapproved." - Pierre Loti

and  pictures that make me laugh

Have a nice day! I'll see you later.
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