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Snagged it from lijahlover 
To me it was a must to post it ;-)

Post a comment, and I will reply with a reason why I think you're great. In exchange, it would be cool if you could post this same meme on your blog and comment for other people, but really you don't have to.
 And here is the latest picture of my youngest cat Bibi.

She's living with us for almost 8 months and she's a darling ... devil... rascal.
She ruined my curtains (my curtains survived 20 cats!), as you see the lamps, dozens of coffee cups, has a spot for shimmering spoons (she always hides them in my bed), is always cheerful and happy and she talks. Lots. All day long.
Our oldest cat mousy moved to the bathroom because Bibi is just too active. But when there's a chance Bibi likes to sneak into the bathroom as well, snuggling up with Mousy and they are best buddies at these moments.
Lily is still the princess who hates to be combed, Frida is the boss and keeps the youngsters down. She's our "snorer" and kept us awake more than once.
Hedwig and Charlotte (the siblings) are very different.While Hedwig is a hyperactive cat , sort of a pirate - Charlotte loves to eat and sleep avoiding movements as far as possible.
Leila is the quietest here but all the shyness has gone. She loves when we are talking to her, rolling around like a soft smooth fur ball and she's the one purring the loudest.
All in all - I love my babies but I think 7 cats are few.
So if a cat should need our help - our door is always open.

our beauty Leila


the pirate among our cats Hedwig. She's already thinking about what to do next *sigh* Do you see the rest of my curtains? LOL. 
Have a fantastic day, my friends.
I'm thinking of you and because of this - I'm sooooo happy!

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