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Good morning!!!

Hello, hello!
It's me again. I didn't know how much I missed this place, my family friends and how much I missed
There are more than 600 pages to type and finally there is TIME!!!

So here's the next daily post (I hope you don't get bored) :-)
This is for my dear lijahlover  because I can' t hug you for real, sweetie *sigh*
inspired by a beautiful icon of romeny 
No beta. All mistakes are mine.

Title: "Shoes and a cap and the resonance"
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: slightly R

Zeke: "So far I was a man without views, with many habits and no passions..."

He gives him a sidelong glance. His lips are swollen, again his lover begins kissing him,
gently and soft, barely touching his mouth, drawing the outline of his lips with the tip of
the tongue, biting them, sucking his lower lip and he has to respond immediately.
A heated kiss silences his sighs and sobs...
Casey's warm mouth begins tracing a slow gliding
progress over the tanned firmness of his belly with the ultimate focus of that
journey reacting in a predictable way.
He tries to ignore the feel of skin on skin.
Maybe it isn't a smart decision, but it is definitely a human one.

The silken heat of his body slides up his arm.
His voice is no more than a seductive resonance in his ear,
his tantalizing words reminding
him of the night before.

How did this begin? And why?
As if he can read his mind he chuckles
"it's because your shoes, remember?
They were squeaking like an excited mouse with every step. We were looking for baby powder ..."
All because of his squeaking shoes? Baby powder ... he remembered how they scattered it
playfully over their bodies. They had a playful fight when they tumbled and rolled on the floor
until Casey was on top of him.
He remembered when their eyes locked, how hard it was to breath.
He remembered the urgent need... it was Casey who covered his face in little kisses
until his lips found his and how their tongues began a dance.
He remembered they had stopped before Casey became the aggressor again.
They kissed for hours, they were all lips, hands...
They didn't expect this, they were friends, schoolmates...

Turning his head sideward he realizes their clothes scattered on the floor,
beside the bed he sees the  red baseball cap. It's his turn now to giggle.
"I liked you last night with nothing but your cap on."
He hals to close his eyes again and they share a kiss so tender,
to Zeke it feels like it connected their souls.
Casey's lips are slightly parted and he wants to enjoy more of this sweet, full lips
before he explores the wonders of his boy. "Casey... we should..."
The next words are trapped behind Zeke's vicious tongue, heat is floating aimlessly through his blood,
washing over his veins...
Words fail him.
His kisses ... make Zeke's screams multiply like a hungry flame...
Casey's kiss awakens emotions in him he never knew he had.
He feels an ache in his heart
They kiss as though nothing else existed in the world...
Casey's fingers running through his hair lightly, ever so lightly -
his hands on his head, his hands on his shoulders, sliding down his back, rubbing in little circles.
Zeke was lost and he knows it.
He loves the heat.
He loves from somewhere deep deep inside...
He loves Casey.

Silently he makes a promise to himself
to love him forever -
every single day of forever.

Have a wonderful day, my friends. 
Hey, we had RAIN!!! Suddenly all seems to become green again!!!
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