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What a morning!

Hello and good morning!

Yesterday I read a wonderful story, called "cheesecake" written by our amazing  honeyandvinegar 
You can find it here (just in case you've overseen it):

The story haunted me all night long and I had to get up at 3.30 a.m. because I had to write
something about it (honey, I hope you don't mind).

There it is (sorry for the mistakes, they are all mine and mine alone :-)):

Title: The Show
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: PG

"Now that we know there are chattergeese in your neighborhood I've an idea."
Zeke says bending down to Casey whispering something in his ear.
"Boy, they are watching us. I can see Tam's red curlers behind the
Casey chuckles. "And?"
"They want a show? They'll get a show."
Zeke opens his car, turns on his stereo. Loud. To get sure the music can not be ignored.
"Come on, Case. Let's drive those women wild!"

When the music begins MC Hammer sings with his hoarse voice "I'm too sexy for my love..."
he grabs Casey, presses him against his hips with his hands on his butt, grounding,
rolling his pelvis, singing along "I'm too sexy for my love, love's going to leave me..."
Casey cracks up with laughter
and then they hear ... suppressed screams.
"O.k. Zeke-man. Let's play..."

At the first sound Tammy nearly speeds to the window, several chairs are falling by
and the boys leave them speechless, hooked,
shocked. The Noses are almost flattened on the windowpane.

"Look-at-it-,look-at-it, look at ... them..."  ...
"It's a pity! When I was young we did something like that in the bedroom, ONLY!"
Melinda flails "They are so sexy!" Looking at Alexandria "Your Chippendales are
lame ducks compared to these boys..."

They are moving their hips back and forth inching toward the window while
caressing their bodies.
Tam starts laughing so hard that the cheesecake comes out of her nose.
Melinda starts screaming again "Eeeeee! The Zeke-boy licks Casey's ear...neck...chin..."
Woosh! 5 noses, 10 eyes, several curlers are glued to the scenery.

"Look how Casey stares at Zeke and - OH MY (forgive me!) FREAKING FUCKING
GOD! No... no... he won't do this?"
"Move! I can't see anything! Where are the Zeke-boys hands? Are they inside
Casey's jeans? Right on his BUTT? And .... Jesus! Men who are dancing like this must be
a good match at the bedroom..."
"It looks like, dare I say it, sex on the dance floor..."

Casey puts his hands around Zeke's neck, pulls him closer and starts kissing him.
Deep. Slow. Zeke lifts him up and replies in a kind of way that Rhonda has to sit down
to get some air. "Sorry, I forgot to breath! It's too much for me..."
She gasps for breath. "Tell me... what happens next?"
"Move your old body over here and have a look yourself, lady!"
"Oooooh... they are all lips and ... TONGUE!"
"Have you ever been kissed like this?"
"If only..."

The boys start smiling against their lips because all they can hear are
keen cries, 'oh-my-fucking-gods' and 'I-wanna-be-that-boy'.
There's the line "I'm too sexy for my shirt" and Casey starts opening the buttons,
slowly, little by little exposing what by now the ladies are eager to see.
His hands touch Zeke's body EVERYWHERE...
"Goodness. How many hands does this boy have?"
"Holy Mother of God!"
"He has the body of a Greek God!"
"Milk meets honey!"
"Look at their skin? I can't remember something like that..."

Zeke puts Casey down who was sitting on his hips and they break the kiss,
turn around and bow to the window.
Boom! The women inside are turning from pale to red to deeper red,
feeling shaky, heated and ...a little embarrassed (but only a little).

Tamara opens the door, whistles through her fingers, bows to the boys herself ,
and starts applauding.
"Great show, guys! But next time you should warn us so we can take our
medicines BEFORE! All points go to you, I'd call it a brilliant touch-down!"
And then she starts laughing until tears are running down her face.
The rest of the tea-party are cheering as well until Mrs. Meredith Connor
calls the boys "Come in, you two. Up to the bedroom with you!"

5 opened mouths, 10 eyes wide open like saucers are staring at her.
"I need a cigarette..."
"Since when do you smoke..."
"Cigarette after, remember?"

Arm in arm Zeke and Casey are walking toward the house, laughing like made,
knowing - this wasn't the end of the show. So Mrs. Connor's suggestion wasn't that

Have a nice day, guys!
See you later again.
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