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Happy Tuesday!

Hello friends,
I just came home from the doctor, knee is feeling better.
Now I'm hungry, I think I'll make some soup, asparagus soup maybe...

How's your day running ? Here is seems like it will be raining soon but it's warm and I love it that way.
Cats are all snuggling and purring, besides Frida - she's snoring.

So here's the next little snippet I typed today, hope you'll enjoy.

Title: I am not romantic
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: PG

They say wisdom is knowing what you can fix and what you can't change.
They maybe right.
Spending time with Casey gets me kind of a little more secure in what I am,
that I can have a very good time occasionally.
It's nothing spectacular in what we are doing.

Whether we're watching a movie - he always tries to find mistakes,
or we're just listening to a little music - he always tries to translate it to
a self-created language (sometimes he sounds like a love-sick cat),
but I love him in every language in the world.

Summer evenings are the best.
Last evening Casey called me - ME! - romantic.
He must be mad.
I am not romantic. I don't have a romantic bone in my body.
Not at all. ok., maybe a few but they are small and spongy.

Candles, roses, chocolate hearts - and that stuff ... go me!

"It's the words"- he said. "Words you are saying..."
He asked me to explain "kiss" to him.
It's a secret told to the mouth, right?
That's when he called me romantic .
His eyes were sparkling when he looked at me.
His eyes are stars. I'm glad he didn't hear this...
I am not romantic.
Kisses. Kisses are unspoken words of love.
No. I am not romantic.
He called me "cuddly"! Cuddly! The Zeke!
He has to learn a lot about me I guess.

When I looked deep into his eyes and said "oh boy"
he gave me the sexiest kiss I've ever received
and then he giggled "you said it with love and with a bit of heat -
that's soooo romantic."

He drives me crazy.
Sometimes I want to freeze time in a moment -
to realize that he's real.
That's why I don't want to go
to sleep, because reality is better
than a dream.

I don't know what it is - maybe it's because we are young
that I feel this ... tenderness.
He's watching me now
enveloping me with something I can't explain,
then he whispers "one of the things you need to learn
is to allow yourself to be loved."
I'm sure I'll be yearning for that closeness when he's gone,
I'm sure I'm completely seduced...

As I said - it's nothing spectacular in what we are doing
and yet it is.

To underline it again:
I.Am.Not.Romantic !

See you later, my friends. 
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