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me AGAIN!!!

I've warned you, now that I'm back I won't keep quiet *g*

I hope you all had a wonderful Sunday, enjoying the sun and the moon (here it's almost dark),
ice-cream, people and whatever you love and like.

Title: Just thinking / feeling
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: PG 

There have been so many terrible things.
I couldn't bear to think about most of the last years.
Things have changed.
I started talking about it ... though it wasn't my intention.
I just couldn't help myself.

Casey changes me.
With him by my side I constantly discover the beauty in the small,
I am open for the unexpected with acceptance for things I can't change...
with trust in the unknown. Most of all I'm trusting myself.
I live more ... carefully, more consciously.
I feel ... free.

Life isn't an unresolved riddle anymore.
No fights.
No competition.
No threat.
Life feels like an amazing wonder.

Determination, strength, courage to face life,
brightness, reconciliation with myself...
I can't put all my emotions into words...
This is me now...

There's a "we" as well ...
Slowness, freedom, carelessness,
silence, grace,
trust, confidence and
 ... love...

When I'm with Casey
soul, spirit, body, nature
merge to a
tangible unity...

The unconditional love in his eyes emphasizes all these feelings
to a tremendous happiness.

When he looks at me now
I'm smiling...
crying would be far too simple...

Love you, darlings!
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