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It's a birthday

Happy birthday my dear friend aliensouldream 
I hope you're having a wonderful dream with all the things you like and you love.
You deserve all the very best, sweetheart.
Thank you for everything ... for every letter, for every e-mail for every single word.
People like you make the world a shining place.

This little something is for you, my dear. I hope you like it.

Title: Always
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: PG 

I stare at you.
A man could drown
in the beauty of your eyes.
What comes next ...
I never cried a single tear
of joy.
So far.
I feel
our love is free
as the wind in the trees.
There's no word said.
I'll make no vows
so none will be broken.

We join lips
for the first time
with a smile
with a sigh

I want you
I want to see your smile,
to hear your voice,
to listen to the soft sound
of you
beside me...

You are a part of me,
of every today
of every tomorrow.


Love and huuuuuge birthday hugs,
Tags: birthday; c/z; poem;

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