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The next 6 words I’ve chosen for gabi_fics  :

Trouble, scar, barricade, mirror, dream, change.



Part 2



It looks as if I trouble him terribly.

It hurts. In my soul and in my heart. As if an old scar breaks again.

He’s beaming with delight when I smile at him, he’s so pale … desirable.

When he smiles back it feels like all the barricades are falling, barricades, which I have built carefully against so much and so many.

They are falling. Because of Casey.

I want to see his eyes. Those mirrors of blue.

There’s something warm on my cheeks. Something gently as eiderdowns.

Something wet like … soft lips.

I haven’t noticed that I closed my eyes. To dream?

When I open my eyes again he … smiles.

At me.

For me.

I’ve to change … things.

And I start moving … toward him.

Because I know he’s waiting for



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