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mews1945  gave me the next 6 words , sometime in the summer:

Stare, hell, gentle, guts, glasses, Hallelujah.




Part 1


He behaves … different. Out of the blue he STARES at ME!

He’s heaven and he’s hell.

Heaven because he realizes I exist  (perhaps even longer than I thought).

His gaze… is so … - if he were a girl I’d say… gently.

Is he an angel? Noooo, not really.

I actually brought Zeke with the word “angel” in connection?

He’s more … hell. Oh dear – he’s so damn hot… burning my guts.

He’s a devil … in disguise.

When he puts on his glasses, looking at me again – a cold shiver is running down my back.

So what do I do now?

I … scream … as loud as I can “Hallelujah” – thank God only in my head.

It could be that he thinks me insane … surely.

I know I’m lost. In … him.


Certainly now.

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