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honeyandvinegar  gave me these 6 words in July:

wall, surprise, ordinary, knees, coward, bomb.



Part 2


When I arrived at school this morning he hid from me. Behind the biggest wall of snow he could find. Poor boy. I’m sure he just wanted to observe me. Perhaps I should turn around everything … to capture him by surprise.

Though he isn’t the coward he surely thinks to be – he’s watching me constantly, he follows me with his eyes.

I started watching him, too. Of course, only from the corner of my eyes.

Why I can not say. When did “this” happen? What happens at all? What is “This”???

Why the Connor boy? Because he’s no ordinary boy, he’s … special.

Fact is – it IS something about him that makes me confused.

Fact ist – it IS something about him that makes me feel week in the knees.

So what DO I feel?

God, I am  the coward here . And I know the answer already.

That scares me somehow.

Could it be dangerous?

Oh dear – it sounds as if I want to detonate a bomb.

Maybe I should do something.


Maybe tomorrow.



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