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Long long time ago addie71  gave me the following 6 words:

Blackberry wine, head, nose, light, feet, pan.

 That’s what came out …


Title: Could it be Part 1
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: PG


His voice reminds me of blackberry wine.





When I hear him talking I can’t think clearly.

As if I’m losing the thread of my own words –

if I would at least bring out a single word.


He curls his nose when he thinks and feels

no one is watching.

I feel so … light

as if my feet won’t touch the ground.


An when Zeke starts to laugh –

Sounding like a rising thunder in the distance -

I feel like someone hits me with a pan on my head.


Zeke doesn’t know anything, does he?

Though … I thought him blushing the other day

when I smiled at him.


What the heck is this?

Could it be …

Tags: casey/zeke

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