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Happy Birthday gabi_fics!!!

Hey sweetie,

I hope you're having a wonderful day with all the things you like and you love.
I wish you all the very best!

Here's a little something for you, I hope you'll like it !



I love the silence. Cats are very quiet animals.

Speaking of cats … and dogs. I always knew that I’m rather a cat person.

I don’t think dogs are better than cats or cats are more intelligent than dogs, not at all.

Decisive are the personal senses for one of the other – my love isn’t only combined by reason but by attentiveness, too. I think what’s aimed for people is aimed for animals as well.

Idiots are everywhere as well as really tough guys.

If a cat has fallen asleep  in your lap and you wouldn’t like to disrupt the little creature just to prolong the moment you’ve to get up – just to enjoy the cosy warmth – this is to me a unmistakable sign for the special love for these animals.

But you can’t learn this.

I won’t be unfair to the dogs, it’s just I don’t know them.

People who love cats avoid power relationships, commanding is repulsive to them.

Cat people dream of a quiet and gentle world they say. Maybe that’s true.

They want to be what they are without having them to reproach.  

Cat people don’t fear the silence, sometimes they are looking for just this.

People who love cats admire their independence because is guarantees their own freedom.

They can not stand restrictions  for themselves or for others.

Cat people want to be loved in the same way, be found to be  beautiful and gentle, that they are taken as  they are, with their laziness and their , that you can see  their presence  as a gift.

Cat people are in need of comfort. For all reasons. They behave as if they were grown but secretly harbor the desire to be never grow up.


More than once I have seen cat people – often they are just as accurate and not otherwise.

The prime example  is my son’s friend Zeke. Casey told me Zeke lives with his tomcat and lets him have his way, but to humanize without him.

He  IS definitely a cat person.


Zeke says “It’s a blessing to be found by a cat” and he means it. I saw him when he talked to the little fur ball – soft and gentle. I only heard him talk so only once  when  he talked to my son.


I am grateful that he let me to discover the real Zeke.

Secretly, of course.
Boys his age would rather be soft? I'm sure he'd become ... furious. 
Boys his age would cool.

Love you, sunshine!
***huuuuuuuuuuuuuugest birthday hugs***
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