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Happy Halloween

Title: Trick or Treat
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: G

Halloween. He loved it ever since. He had to smile when he remembered the night walks on Halloween with his dad. Shouting cheerful “Trick or Treat” at the neighbour’s doors. Oh yes, people have been very VERY scared by the little blue-eyed wizard, ghost or pumpkin. He would have given everything for only once being a goblin. But always his grab bag was filled to the brim when they went home.

Today it was him opening the door to little witches with hats bigger than the girls themselves, to little vampires with huge plastic fangs and running noses, suppressing a giggle when a little skeleton “boohooohooo”-ed at him. Of course he was scared and handed – obviously shivering - the sweets voluntary to all  the dangers on two little legs.


Later at night he could typical Halloween noises like howling winds, rattling chains, graveyard bells, howling wolfs mixed with music and laughter – it seemed the Miller’s got their Halloween Party (the biggest party in town) started already.


He startled when someone knocked at the door. Wasn’t it close to midnight? Wasn’t it too late for children? Maybe there were some  stragglers so he grabbed the bowl with the sweets again and went to the door. It knocked again, hard and heavy – no, this couldn’t be kids.


He opened the door and his heart leapt into his throat. A hissing “Trick or treat” let his blood freeze.

He knew this … wizard. Pale, dark-haired with the deepest darkest eyes he’d ever seen he was rooted to the sport – this bloodthirsty warlock was hungry. The man seemed to grow, he seemed much taller than he was when his face came closer. “Trick or treat, Casey-boy” he growled in his ear putting his huge hands around Casey’s neck.

Puffs of hot breath let him shiver. It was kind of frightening, exciting, too. The hands closed over his throat, it was hard to breath. Casey could feel the rush of his blood in his head, he could hear his hammering heart in his ears so he had to turn the pages.


When he put his hands on the man’s chest slowly opening the buttons of his shirt the pressure of the hands lessened.


Casey knew about his own power, he knew about the magic of his eyes, how dark blue they became – velvety blue of lust… and fear.


The man started shivering but his look softened, the color of his eyes turned from deep brown to honeygold when Casey nibbled on his earlobes.
His eyes went shut when Casey whispered with hoarse voice “So what will YOU be … trick or treat?”

When his lips touched the nightly visitor’s neck softly  he … winced.

Then he bit. Hard. Until he tasted copper. A tenderly whining “Casey…” made him smile.

Oh yes, he still knew how to get Zeke down on his knees. This always – ALWAYS – works.


So who’s now whom’s trick? Or Treat?

Happy Halloween, my friends!
It's so good to be back here tonight!
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