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I'm so sad that there's still so less time for being here. I miss you all very very much.
So what's new?
Wolfgang's Dad is doing worse, the doctor said it could be over in a minute or in a month.
My mom had an accident and hurt her face, broke her nose and for a few days we were afraid she would get blind. But this won't happen. What a relief!
Wolfgang's mom is doing better, although she recovers slowly from the surgery. She's often depressed an it's very hard seeing this wonderful woman so hopeless and sad.
Wolfgang and I are healthy, and - thanks God - he has found a new job! He started with it on Monday and he likes it.
We're still on the paper round - besides the week he has to do the nightshifts - then I'm walking alone and I like it.

To do me something good he surprised me on Friday with a little visit in a animal shelter and before I could say anything -
a little kitten found a new home.

May I introduce you to BIBI (what a name!) - she's such a darling but a rascal as well. Climbing the curtains, jumping in bed (of course when we're sleeping) and singing and purring and talking. Yes, I think it was a good choice. Wolfgang already says - it will be a "Julchen cat" - as soon as I'm at home she's running around like mad, climbing my legs and she loves licking my hair. This morning I looked like a meercat, LOL.

I feel sad that I didn't comment on all your lovingly posts. If you want to defriend me - it's ok, I won't be mad.
Now I've to make some food for cats, bunnies and for Wolfi and then up to bed with me. The night will be over at 3 a.m.

Hope to see you soon, my friends. Don't worry about me, I'm doing well! Things must be done so I do them. No lamets.
I still have our fandoms, I'm glad I saved tons of great fictions, wonderful photos - so whenever I need a smile I know where to go!
Thanks to you all, guys. You're the best friends one could ever wish for!

Lots of love and hugest hugs,

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