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It's unbelievable. On Saturday one year ago my dad passed away.
So many things happened since then. Good things and not so good things. But life goes on.
I feel very blessed to get to know him for about 48 years, other people don't have that much luck.

Life wasn't easy for him, not always.
At the age of 12 he lost his mother because of an accident, at the age of 13 he lost his father because of a pneumonia. His older sisters weren't able to take him to their houses so most of the time he was at work in the coal mine here and the neighbours took care of him.
When he turned 18 he met my mom and 5 years later they got married in 1960. And then - hello, hello - I was born. The year after my mom was pregnant again but lost their son in months 6 of her pregnancy. My dad had to carry Frank's little white casket and he always told me that it was the heaviest weight he ever had to carry.
In 1963 my sister Claudia was born and in 1970 my sister Karin.
He was a wonderful father, worked very very hard for many years until at the age of 58 he had several strokes and a heart attack.
Then he discovered his hobby as a carpenter again and he was working on little cribs until Christmas 2008.

He didn't say that much but he always told us 'stay true, don't look back and don't think less of yourself'.
He was a master of words,  he loved reading and told me how to read properly and he gave me my Sunday words (the word for this Sunday was JOY).  

I miss him but I know he's watching over me - each and every day.
Have a wonderful day, daddy! I'll go now to my garden and I'll take you and my friends with me.

Love and biggest hugs, 
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