julchen11 (julchen11) wrote,

long overdue update

Hello and good morrrrrrrning!!!

I am back! Finally. I can't tell you how much I missed you all!
So what happened here?
It seems Wolfgang will get a new job next month! YAY! That means I'll cancel job no. 3! YAY!
The docs made a diagnosis by his mother: breast cancer. Meanwhile she had a surgery and it was successful. But she has to go to exposure 33 times - that means I have to take care of Wolfgang's father who had again several strokes in spring and sometimes he's desorientated, he doesn't know whether time nor days.
My mom was ill last month and I had to take care of her and my grandma. Now both are feeling better and my sister Karin take care of them at daytime, I only have to come over at evenings for a few hours.

I for myself am feeling good. Really good.
Job runs properly, now I'm on vacation (I still can't believe it's raining since I'm at home for about 10 days now).
I cleaned and mopped the house (both households, Wolf's moms and mine), tended the garden and now I am ready!
Ready to catch up with my f-list (I have to go back to November 2009, incredible, isn't it?)! Wow, you guys have been sooooo busy! Good for me :-)

Now I'm off for the paper round (1hour too late) and that's a great feeling. It's dark and foggy, a little bit cold - but hey, it smells like fall! Wonderful! 2 weeks of summer with heat is enough *g*

See you all, babes! It may take some time to be up to date but I'll do my very best.

Love you,

Here's a little piece of my favorite place in the garden - as you see coffee cup, sketch book - all ready for me :-)

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