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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to annwyn55!!

Happy birthday my dear friend!
I hope you'll have a wonderful day with all the things and people you love and you like!

Here's a little something for you, I hope you'll enjoy!

Title: Little things
characters: Casey (Zeke implied)
Rating: PG

It’s incredible. He’s incredible. It happened all too quick. Really? I’m still not used to this… closeness.

There wasn’t time. Time for what? For talking? For dreaming together? Or something like that.

He said we shouldn’t waist time. We should just do it. If it would be that easy for someone who isn’t used to it. So what is it anyway?


It is new to me that there’s someone interested in me, how I feel, what I think.

He tries to find answers together with me … answers to weird questions, questions that keep me awake.


For example- who gave the different clouds those gorgeous names? Why does my neighbour Mr. Hayley only wear blue socks? Why do I hate buttons? How big are all the little things really?


Little things. Little things that make life so beautiful.

Why do we always have to think big? There are so many things that can really make your day.


When I feel down for whatever reason I like to go to a high point, sit down and observe almost the whole city down. I like to spend some time at just one of my special places where I feel at peace and where I can take my mind off from troubles and worries.


There are so many things – making a list is impossible, but it is easy to miss them if we are inattentive. I try to keep an eye out … always… but sometimes our life as humans really block our senses.


When I was a child I loved to spend a summer afternoon in a tree, having a cherry coke. I still love it so why don’t I do it anymore? Because I’m mature?




The little thing I recalled today was the change of Zeke’s facial expression from that of being lost and sad to one of being felt cared for when I said “good morning” in the early morning hours, when I arrived soaked to the bones because of pouring summer rain but nevertheless hugged him tight.

When I asked him “how are you?” he knew I really wanted to know.

When something bad happens, and after a while when you feel better, you can see how much you learn, and become stronger from this things…

When you see you learn in life. I think now we understand the beauty of living, the reason of living.


We talked about little things –

The smell of heavy rain, and waiting to fall on a windless humid day.

The sound of soft rolling thunder in the distance approaching.

A desert that makes you think ‘mmmmmm…. This is sooooo good!’

The foggy morning when he doesn’t have to drive.

The man on the radio that we hear every morning.

A bicycle race downhill.

Strawberry ice cream in winter.

The first cup of coffee on Saturday when there is no urgency at all.

The smell of hay.

Playing with a puppy or a little kitten.

Laying in the grass watching the clouds passing by slowly and doing nothing at all.




The facts that we can see, feel, hear and talk.

And that we are not alone anymore.


Then there it was – the special little thing that made my day… sunshine upon his face while listening to me.




Fact is that I have someone to share all this things we often take for guaranteed.

I have a confidant, and a friend.

Someone to love,

Someone who loves me for what I am.


Simply me. .-.-.-.-

Love and hugs,


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