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It's a birthday

Happy Birthday my dearest mews1945 

I hope your day will be very special because YOU are very special!
Thank you for everything you're doing for us, for your daily lists, for beautiful picspams, lovingly words and for being what you are - simply you!
I wish you all the very best, love. Noone deserves it more than you.

Lots of love and big tight birthday hugs,

This little something is for you, my dear - I hope you'll like it.

Title: Summer feeling
Pairing: Zeke/Casey
Rating: PG

„Summer feeling“


Summer. Finally.

The day is hot and sultry, the tiniest movement is a torture.

You take a shower for cooling down but as soon as you’ve finished towelling you’re starting to sweat though every pore again.

You keep your windows shut and the blinds down but the heat is crawling under your skin.

I won’t lament – we’ve been waiting far too long for warmer climate.

When did spring happen the last time or fall. It seems there’s only summer and winter left. Heat and frost.


Being at the beach would be heaven but thinking about driving by car only makes me wince. It’s impossible – it’d mean to spend some time – even it would be 20 minutes -  in a  baking oven, it’d mean you’d burn your palms on the steering wheel.

To be true – the  temptation is big … taking a swim in lukewarm water surrounded by crowds… no… no… I’ll get over it not to go.


There’s a rumble in the distance. Hope! A windstorm is coming up. This means coolness. It increases constantly. Something’s fallen so I’m heading outside to take the garden chairs inside, the flower pots with the self-grown flowers as well. It would be a pity if they’d break off.


The thunderstorm is close and it starts raining cats and dogs. Opening the kitchen window everything around me seems to take a huge breath … me included.


I always loved rain.


When I was a child I liked to run fast through the rain from one place to another, splitting every water puddle I could find.

I enjoyed pretending I was an airplane with my arms spread wide, going in circles around the yard in the rain, gliding through the drops.



The children of the neighbourhood waited  until the rain stopped and then they ventured outside and dipped their toes in the water puddles that remained. But that wasn’t me, I always have been different. This didn’t change.


Who’s that guy running down the street? I guess the storm surprised him, too.

Hey, is that Casey? Casey Connor? A streak of lighting missed him. He’s definitely in danger.

“Casey! Casey! Hurry up – come in!”

He’s speeding toward my house, runs in and out of breath he bends down on his knees catching for fresh air.

“Thanks…. Zeke…” Soaked to the bones he’s panting and shivering. Poor guy. He needs dry clothes. I’ll take him some of mine. Where’s the red too hot washed shirt. Hmmm… Jeans or shorts. I’ll get him some of my Bermuda shorts – this will do it.

“Go to the bathroom and change your clothes, here … take this…” He blushes … that makes me chuckle. Shy little mommy boy.



After a while he shows up in the kitchen, cheeks scrubbed and rosy, hair standing in any direction possible. He looks like a little boy … no…Good god! How did this happen and  when did he change to this beautiful young man?


“Wanna call your parents? Seems like you’ve to stay here for the next hours…”

He shakes his head “No, I’ll go home now…”

“Don’t be a ninny. The storm would blow you away as soon as you’d leave the house…”


Right at this moment the next lighting let us close our eyes, the immediately following thunder is nearly deafening. The storm is here. Right above us.  Electricity goes out.

Fortunately I put the candles in order a few days ago so a little  flame is lighting our faces a few moments later.

We’re looking out of the window and we feel safe within my home…

“I won’t imagine what could have happened if you wouldn’t have seen me…”

The next thunder is much louder and let us hold our breath. This goes on for about 15 minutes then slowly the disastrous storm moves westward.



“Nature will soak up the water, Nature will breath in deeply…”

He looks surprised as if the didn’t expect words like these from me. Sure. Usually in public this isn’t my language.  

“Hey, I’m not an asshole only…”

“Never said you’d be…”


Casey is giggling… “Zeke, the flower boy…”

“Be careful of what you say…”

Giggles turn to laughter. “You can’t deny it. You saved your … flower pots, your flowers.”

I don’t know what to say. Flower boy. Don’t like this. Not at all. Do I?

He stands up. “What’s this huge plant?”

“It’s a Canna lily, some call it Indian flower…”

“You got it from India?”

I can’t hold back the laughs. “No. I got it from the garden centre, silly…”

“Oh… my mom would love it. She has a soft spot for India.”

“And Bollywood?”




We’re looking at each other and we burst with laughter.

“I think I should go now, Zeke…”

“It’s still raining very hard…”

He looks outside “It doesn’t rain anymore,  Zeke, it’s only dropping.”


That’s the rain I love. Inside it’s still hot and sticky.

Out! I have to go out! Now!

“Come on, Case.”


I take him by the hand “let’s go outside.”


“You’ll love it. ”

He doesn’t move, frowning he says “You said I can’t go out because of the rain and now…”

“Hurry. Come on. Trust me.”

I’m already out, the first steps barefooted on the wet grass is incredible.

“Casey! Get a move!”

Reluctantly he follows me. Taking his hand again I’m leading him to the middle of the garden (or what will become a garden). Standing behind him I whisper in his ear “close your eyes, Casey.”


“Please. Just close your eyes. Trust me.”


Taking his wrists I’m lifting his arms until they are horizontal.

“Open your hands…”

Slowly he opens his hands, his palms show upward and rain as soft as eiderdowns is wetting them.

“Close your eyes and let it rain down on your face…”

A little unsteady he leans against my chest. Until now my hands are still around his wrists, enfolding my hands too, touching the back of his I’m lifting my head to face the sky.

A warm summer breeze touches our faces.

Stillness. Mother Nature is whispering


“This is incredible, Zeke.” he murmurs twining our fingers… sinking closer against me.

Taking down our arms I can’t let go of him … he’s in my arms, I am holding him … it feels… right.

“How do you call this, Zeke…”

“Jungle rain…”

“Does it always feel like that?”

Does it? No. It never felt that … crushing.


How to put this enormous feeling into words…


“Sometimes it feels like th…. No… no… Casey. It never felt that good.”

I’m sure he smiles even he doesn’t say anything, the grip of his hands tells me he feels the same.

“Thank you, Zeke…”

It’s me being embarrassed and … blushing.

“This is the perfect Summer feeling, Zeke.”

Oh yes. Yes. Yes.

“Yeah. I couldn’t have said it better…”


When he’s gone I’m still smiling with an unknown feeling in my heart as if a knot was bursting.


I’m sure this will be an incredible summer. Full of surprises, sun, rain, smiles, joy , Casey and  

summer feelings …


Yeah. It feels good to share this all with someone I ...






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