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Beautiful morning

Good morning to all of you! 

I was sitting in my roof at 5 a.m. and the view was priceless. 
The sky is all orange, red, yellow and blue (light blue, dark blue, azure blue) ... and it's overwhelming day after day after day. 
The air is fresh and clean. 
And the birds are singing, they are giving a little concert ...  so beautiful. 

And then the sun rises, I would never miss it. The time between dust and dawn is unbelievable. 

Now there are some light grey clouds in the sky, so wonderful. 
And the sun shines bright and I know sunshine brings morning to all. 

Have a gorgeous day and "listen"  to the beauty around you!

I am glad to be alive and there it is again ... the dreamer in me. 

All the best for you - whenever you want, you can join me here on my roof.


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