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Happy belated birthday to gloryunderhill

I'm so sorry I missed your birthday, my dear and I hope you had a lovely day.
Happy spring time and all the very best to you: love, joy, sunshine, health and happiness!

This little something is for you, I hope you'll enjoy:

Title: Sleepless
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: PG

I can’t sleep.

It isn’t that I’m not tired but

so many things are running

through my head.




It isn’t that I don’t dream.

Oh no.

I am dreaming …

building castles in the air,

but that is

where they should be, right?

It’s the foundation that

I have to put under them.

It isn’t that I feel lonely.

Not at all.

Fingertips teasing me with

your closeness.

I wish you would be here…

In the warmth

of my tears

I can see now …

Nights bring me you, Casey.




I should be sleeping.

Easily said

when emotions

tumble over each other.

I’m watching

the fading darkness…

The air

becomes harder

to breath…

My heart feels

as though it will



You are not here …

and yet…


your look


my face.

Deep deep inside I feel the love …

It envelops my whole being.


And streams of sun

enter my world.

At nights you belong to me, Zeke.




Huuuuuuge hugs and lots of love,


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