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Thank you!

I'm a lousy friends lately and I'm so glad my friends are soooooo patient with me.
I didn't read much, I didn't visit my friend's journals (not as much as I want to) - let alone leaving comments *sigh*
My computer plays tricks on me today - and today there WOULD be time! *sighs again*

It's a wonderful thought just to know they are always here for me.
For all the people who don't know it - the best friends are HERE!

Happy Froday to all of you, happy weekend and it's just time to say THANK YOU over and over again.
So this is for the best f-list of the world: MINE!

Title: The Variety of Kisses
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: R (?)

„Variety of kisses“


Kissing Casey in the schoolyard wasn’t the best idea.

Not because of the kiss – oh no – but my teachers didn’t agree with me. Not at all.


Now I’ve to do a paper about kisses.

The variety of kisses.



So what are kisses. Wikipedia says – A kiss is the act of pressing one's lips against the body of another.

This sounds much too mater-of-fact – if I may say so.

If it would be like that only I wouldn’t like to kiss or being kissed that much.


So what kind of kisses do we have?

Hand kisses. Old-fashioned. Where do they come from? What do they mean?

Isn’t  it  considered impolite to refuse an offered hand-kiss? So it’s a gesture of extreme politeness. End of story. Not the kiss I like the most I have to say. I can do without hand kisses. Fact.


Cheek kisses.

Kisses to say hello to a friend or to perform a greeting. Hmmm. Never thought about it. Maybe it’s a social norm.


Good god that sounds so boring!


How would I describe a kiss. Kisses are so different.

Featherlike like the touch of butterfly’s wings.

Velvety like a warm towel out of the dryer.

Soft like pillows just to sink in, to dive in.

Short like the twinkle of an eye. Before you can’t think about it it’s already over.

Sweet like popcorn, seducing in sneaking some more … once you’ve started you don’t want to stop.

Slow kisses sharpening your senses , making your hair stand on end, causing goose bumps from tip to toe.

Kisses which make you feel so dizzy that’s it’s hard for you to keep yourself upright –

Merry-go-round-kisses. Lips on lips on lips.

Snakelike tongue kisses, playing tongue tips, exploring, tasting, slightly touching until you can’t stand it any longer. Deepening kisses … longer, harder, discovering new places, new tastes, new smells.


Passionate kisses creating radiating heat, 100 degrees feeling like icicles compared to them.

Hot breath on your skin of your face, in your mouth and hands…hands…hands…everywhere.

Body kisses creating whispers, sobs,  moans, groans, sighs. Screams building up in your throat and you are not to let it out.

Once you’re that close you want to be closer. It’s impossible to think, to stop, to say something, to take your hands off, to take your lips off …

Tongue stimulating all areas, areas sensitive to touch … to be touched, intimate, sexually arousing.


Kissing him is like licking a soft ice cream cone. He’s a wonderful kisser, reading my thoughts but most of all reading my body language. He knows when to go further, he knows…

when… to stop… for a little moment.

I could kiss him for hours, days and I’d never be tired of doing it.


I love to share all these kisses with my Casey.

Casey kisses are like the poetry of kissing …

always aware that kisses are like snowflakes –

no two are exactly the same.


Like we are. Different. Nevertheless enjoying ourselves. Over and over again.

At any time, at any place -  with my Casey only.


But now – after zillions of kisses I should be ready …

for the next step, shouldn’t I?


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