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Happy Mother's Day to my friends!

I spent the day at my mother together with my sister Karin and her family. It was a wonderful day and I'm grateful for my wonderful mom.

I hope you're enjoying this day as well, f-list.
So here's a little something for you:

Title: Mother and mom
Pairing: None

It’s time to say thank you

To a special woman.


I don’t know her that long

But she’s one of a kind.


It’s the way she helds me

When I need it

And all my pain and sorrows disappear.


She never lies to me

Just one look into her eyes

proves it.


The way she listens

when I know she doesn’t want to

because she’ll be hurt of

what I say.


She accepts my partnership

with her son.

She always did.


I remember how nervous I was

the day we met the first time.

But I didn’t need to –

From the beginning she was  lovingly,  warm

and friendly –

And she spoke as if she knew me,
like we were next-of-kin
I was feeling sort of baffled,

and I listened as she talked,

absorbed every single word of her.

She seemed to know me so well-

she knew about my struggles

and told me better times will be ahead

as long as I keep believing in me –

following my dreams.


I understand now

why Casey admires and loves her

that much.

She’s become a better mom

than my physical mother.


For this I want to say Thank you

and Happy Mother’s Day

to mom.

What flowers I got for her?

Roses are for husbands

I’ve chosen Day Lilies –

Emblems of the Mother. –


You can call someone a mother

But only one can be a mom.


Love and hugs,



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