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Happy belated birthday frolijah_fan_54

I'm sooooo sorry sweetie that I missed your birthday *sigh* but my computer wouldn't work like it should ... *kicks computer*
I hope you had a lovely day with lots of love and joy.
May the coming year be filled with sunshine, moonlight and all the things you wish for.
Thank you so much for being my friend.

Lots of love, hugs and birthday kisses,

This little something is for you, my dear - I hope you'll enjoy!

Title: The Feet of the stars
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: PG

Only one person can make it happen

that the stars behave different.

With Casey it’s possible to collect stars

even at day-time.


Lots of people have stolen  my time

so I decided to keep it.

Most of them are too superficial

to see the beauty around them.

But you only have to

look outside and you’ll find

24 shades of red

for example.

But people don’t take time to look for it.

Of course you can tell them about it –

and of course they will see it then and

they will find it gorgeous.

But soon this all will be forgotten.


And will they look for 24 shades of

yellow or blue for themselves?

In their gardens, in the park,

or on their way to work?


They won’t see it.

If most of the shades of colours

would vanish they wouldn’t notice it

or it wouldn’t matter to them

because they didn’t learn

to love it.


I told Casey about it  and

his fascinating smile

could take on with all

shades of every colour



When I gave him a ride back home this evening

it was the first time I touched his face.

He leant into my hand,

closed his eyes

he kissed my palm.

It was the time – precious time -

when I saw

24 shades of the rainbow

per colour



He is the kind of person

who can see them -

The feet of the stars.

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