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for withywindle01

I'm so sorry I missed you birthday, sweetie.
My wish for you and every day
is that you will get back all you give away.


This little ficlet is for you, dear. I hope you'll like it

Title: Sea stars and ... stars
Pairing: your choice
Rating: PG 

I love laying in the sand on a sunny evening. Looking around I feel comfortable, lazy, proud, too. Who had believed that I have a soft spot for … blue.

Take the plants in our garden behind me. I replaced old and rotten plants with new ones. Blue ones.

Deep dark blue larkspur, bluebells, anemones, lilacs, Alpine roses, pink gladiolas … in the evening hours it always seems these shades of blue touch the blue of the sky, melting into it until you can’t tell where flowers end and the wideness of the universe begins.

Touching one of the blue Jacob’s Ladders with buds like butterflies make me smile.


Turning around on the little pier leading to the sea  I notice some starfishes. Bizarre creatures they are. Even they have no faces they know exactly where to go. They must be strong to surviving but they are vulnerable as well. This ones have five arms which radiate from a central disk, the surface looks spiky … they are almost gliding across the sea floor… Don’t they have microscopic eyes at the end of each arm? This enables the starfish to view movement and differentiate between light and dark.


Light and dark … I love these quietness when Sister Day says hello to Brother Moon.

Soon I’ll be sandwiched between stars … stars high above… stars below the water surface.

Old stars … what would they tell if they could…

Feeling the water slipping through my fingers makes me feel calm and grateful. Tiny waves are lapping around my hand, teasing me to enter the sea. The water feels soft, peaceful, cool and … blue. As feels the hand of my lover barely touching my shoulder.


I’m sure not many people are able to just take time and let this happen.


“I wish we could stop the time …”  He always understands …

Stars are special to me. I can feel them without looking. Above, below …

and especially the one star beside me.


I was looking for a special place in my life until I realized I only had to stop and take a closer look at the world around me … beside me… and I’m amazed   - day by day –
at what I find.  


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