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for shirebound

Wishing you everything that makes you happy

and always stay blessed, sweetheart!
Happy belated birthday and this little poem is for you - I hope you'll like it.

Love, Julchen

Title: A sigh and a smile
Pairing: Frodo/Sam
Rating: PG

We have walked a little way together,


And now that I will go

shall we not part

at the end of the day -

here at the Grey Havens -

with a sigh, a smile?


Don’t you ever forget

what I feel for you, Sam.

It’s an emotional force of such power

that it may take some time

to assimilate

what we are seeing

and hearing

and feeling.


I will take a part of you

with me …

I will share my life,

my hopes, my dreams with you

even when I’m not here.

Because you are

a part of

every fantasy,

every Day and every tomorrow.


We join lips for the last time,

we have to go our way –

with a sigh …

But with a smile, too…

because I know,

my dear Sam –

we will be never alone.

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